Root Canal Treatment: A Step-by-Step Patient Guide

Root canal treatment is the removal of the tooths pulp,a small thread like tissue in the centre of the tooth.Once the damaged pulp is removed,the remaining spaces are  cleaned,shaped and filled.This procedure seals off the root canal and has following steps:

  1. Placing your rubber dam: First your dentist will need to isolate your teeth,by punching a small hole in a sheet of rubber and will slip this sheet over your tooth and position a small tooth clamp to hold it there.
  2. Creating the access cavity: Your dentist will gain access to the nerve space within your tooth,by using their dental drill.Hole will extend into the interior of the tooths pulp chamber.Dentist will need to remove any decay thats present and any loose or exceptionally fragile tooth parts or fillings.
  3. Cleaning & shaping the tooth’s root canal: Its purpose is to remove bacteria,toxins,nerve tissues and related debris that are harbored inside the tooth.
  4. Sealing the teeth: Once  the interior of the tooth has been thoroughly cleaned,properly shaped,it is ready to be sealed in some cases dentists will place filling material immediately after they have finished cleaning the tooth,in other cases they may feel it is best to wait about a week before performing this procedure.
  5. Additional Work: At this part,individual steps of performing the root and process have been finished your tooths treatment isnotyet complete.A permanent restoration must be placed.Choosing the right type of dental restoration,and having it placed promptly,will help to insure the long term success of your endodontic therapy.


  1. Thanks for a really detailed and easy to understand explanation on what a root canal really is. This kind of post is needed nowadays especially when there are a lot of wrong notions being spread regarding root canals.

    • The above mentioned technique is most common nowadays but you can even pass the rubber dam through the contact area of the tooth to be isolated and then place the clamp.You place the clamp first and then slide the dam over it.Place the rubber dam around the wings of the clamp then place the clamp on tooth along with dam and then slide of dam from wings onto tooth.


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