Nerve Supply of Tongue

Tongue’s innervation is divided into three parts: anterior 2/3, posterior 1/3 and root of tongue. Foramen cecum marks the boundary of anterior 2/3 and posterior 1/3.

Motor Innervation

All of the motor innervation is provided by hypoglossal (CN XII) except for the platoglossus muscle which is provided by vagus CN X.

Sensory Innervation

Sensory innervation carries touch, pain, pressure and temperature sensations.

AreaSensory Innervation
Anterior 2/3mandibular branch of trigeminal (CN V-3)
Posterior 1/3glossopharyngeal (CN IX)
Posterior part of the root of tonguevagus (CN X)

Gustatory Innervation

Gustatory innervation carries taste sensations.

AreaGustatory Innervation
Anterior 2/3chorda tympani of facial (CN VII)
Posterior 1/3glossopharyngeal (CN IX)
Posterior part of the root of tongue, upper larynx, upper esophagusvagus (CN X)

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