Conrad Fischer’s Master the Boards Step 3 New Edition 2012 Released

Conrad Fischer is a renowned author of USMLE preparation courses’ review books. His new book edition revamps the old ones with new design and literature additions.

Yesterday Kaplan Medical launched the latest edition of review book for Step 3 in Master the Boards Series. The book is well-written, comprehensive and gives a competition to First Aid, Crush Step 3, Nail the Board, Board & Ward, and Strong Medicine.

The layout is nice, the information has been updated. Dr. Fischer has really put some hard work in this book.

MP Tip: As other Steps’ preparation needs multiple review books; so does Step 3’s, and one should not rely on a single review book.



  1. Hello sir,

    It says in the mtb 3 that middle cerebral artery occlusion gives contralatreal homonymous hemianopsia with macula sparing
    Please is this correct because in step 1 lecture notes it say it’s the posterior cerebral artery that spares the macula 
    I would like to know which is correct pls Thanks
    The new guidelines for hypertensive treatment in diabetic , from the kaplan online lectures we were told it’s been changed from 130/80 to 140/90
    But the mtbs still says 130/80,in case it comes as a question  which do we choose.thanks.I look forward to hearing from you sir 

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