Is Money Really Everything?: Life Experience of A Pakistani Doctor Working in Saudi Arabia

It seems very good to be working in Saudi Arabia when a doctor is sitting abroad in an other country but when he reaches in Saudi Arabia he gets to know the ground facts and the thinking changes. The pay is generous and without tax, so this condition lures many doctors, but is really money every thing?

How I Reached Here:

I was so excited about getting selected in interview by delegation of Ministry of Health (MOH) but when I reached here in Saudia, all my excitement was gone in 2-3 days when I saw the behavior and attitude of locals.

I was told that there will be someone from MOH to pick up me at airport (Abha), but no one appeared. Luckily I had a friend of mine who came earlier, he told me that I have to go to the PHCC attached to the hospital and the Doctor on duty there would guide me.

I got off the airport and walked to PHCC along with my luggage and found the employed doctor I was supposed to meet. It would be a nightmare for me without any guidance in a foreign country.

That doctor told me about reaching the Head Office of MOH of the region and submit them the agreement papers for my job I was given back in Pakistan. He hired me a taxi and explained him about the destination.


When I reached the office they told me to go to Asir Central Hospital and they will give you the accommodation. You relax and come back the next day to office for your paperwork, as its almost office closing time. I asked the officer, “How do I got o the hospital you just mentioned, I am new here & don’t know anything around”. He then said, “Ok I will arrange a driver”. He did not asked me even for water, and my throat was all dry because of walking in hot, sunny & dry weather of Saudia.

After these few hectic days I began to think why did I come here, where is all my excitement about Saudi Arabia?

The MOH driver picked me up and dropped me in the hospital and went on after just telling me to see Officer Incharge here. Now I didn’t know where to meet him? I was going here and there asking about the officer in-charge (in Arabic called Mudeer Munab) along with the luggage. It took about 45 mins for finding the office and no body was sure of how to deal with a new comer. I was very upset & disheartened.

The officer in-charge arranged me a room and sent a helper guy along me to help me carry the luggage. Again He didn’t ask me even for water. I don’t know if its a custom here or what? They do not care. I reached the allocated room and asked the helper where to find water & food. He got me a water bottle from his room and told me that I can get meals from hospital cafe. I went to the cafe and they told me that you either pay in cash or get a letter from officer in-charge for free meals. I preferred to pay cash because I didn’t want to go back to officer again.

The next day I went to the MOH Head Office in Asir. He kept my papers and told me to come again the next day.

The next day, he told me that I would have to go to Bisha. Now I didn’t knew where is Bisha or how to go there? I askedagain from him. He replied, “Okay, driver will come to you tomorrow and he will take you to Bisha”.

Actually the system in Saudi Arabia is that for any person the official driver always comes from the destination to pick them up.

I was again in my dorm, and had to commute on my own to and from the Head Office. No official conveyance was provided.

Next morning (the 4th day after my arrival), driver came and picked me up from the hospital. We were on our way to Bisha now. After about 2 and half hours drive, we reached the Bisha City and the driver drove to the MOH Head Office of Bisha. Now I had to talk in my poorly spoken Arabic with the concerned officer, as he didnt know english.
The Contract & Agreements Department printed the contact papers and gave me an official letter for accommodation in King Abdullah Hospital.

The officer told me to come on next working day, as Thursday and Friday was ahead (Thrusday and Friday are holidays in Saudia). The driver was told to get me to the hospital for accomodation.

We reached King Abdullah Hospital, it took another half an hour or so to talk with officials to get accomodation, but this time the driver was with me so I didn’t feel that upset about not knowing anything.

The driver contacted me on Saturday and took me to another hospital where I was supposed to have an official medical checkup. He left me there and I was supposed to come back on my own. Again, no care shown.

After coming back, I had to get meals from a restaurant outside now, and at times had to go to a Pakistani restaurant in main city to fetch food which was about 4 kms away.

I met few Pakistani doctors there who guided me about the ground realities in Saudi Arabia.

After these few hectic days I began to think why did I come here, where is all my excitement of Saudi Arabia?

My medical checkup reports were to be picked up by me after one week, which came out to be the next Saturday. I went to the hospital on my own, no official conveyance this time. I submitted the result to head office the next day and they gave me an appointment letter for another city’s general hospital.

Well, the officer said that the driver will come tomorrow or day after tomorrow with car to pick you up. I was again in my dorm waiting for the day to reach my final destination. I lived in Bisha for about 10 days.

The driver & car from my appointed hospital contacted me and the driver picked me up and drove about 1 hour or so to reach the destination hospital.

Here I was given a guest house for temporary residence until I find my own, and residence allowance will be given for living outside. I was told that the hospital didn’t have any residence available for doctors. Well, not all hospitals have situation like this but a few.

The MOH gives residence allowance of 3 basic pays for one year.

I met the Hospital Incharge and he ordered issuing of appointment letter in Emergency department and forwarded the letter to ER Chief. I began with orientation to ER work and language, for about 1 week and then I was in duty roster.

Working in Emergency Room:

There is a limit of 48 hours per week working in Saudi Arabia. Every hospital has its own rotations schedule, but most common is 9.5 hours a day for 5 days and then 2 days off. There are 5 emergency leaves, 15 sick leaves and 45 days annual vacations per year, along with 4 days off on Eid-ul-fitr, 5 days off on Eid-ul-Azha and 2 days off on national day. If you do work on these days you will get these off later on.

Common sense is not common here so you can not expect wisdom from any attendant or patient. They will ask you for any thing according to what makes sense to them, for example, once a father brought a child with constipation and was asking for abdominal X-ray , after continuously insisting for X-ray I ordered it for her and he went home satisfied. X-rays are asked by almost all patients even with slightest trauma or cough or even gastritis which has no relation with X-rays . They don’t believe you and always get second opinion from another doctor on the spot.

Another thing they ask for is oxygen or Ventolin nebulization, whenever any one having sore throat or flu comes, they will insist you to order for oxygen inhalation or Ventolin nebulization. They are in love with Inj. Diclofenac and IV Fluids, and will insist on these meds even if they are just sneezing.

Most of people will not respect you and will treat you as if you are their slaves, very few people do care about what you are saying and will respect you. Most of them are too much demanding. Often they demand for hospital admission for just sore throat.

I think demanding & ordering is in their nature, because of lots of wealth.

If you are caring for a patient and any thing goes wrong, they will complaint against you that you haven’t seen them properly enough. Once, a father and mother brought a child in ER with history of fall, having an obvious wound of about 1 inch on forehead. I counselled them that the boy needs suturing, but they refused continuously. I asked nurses to take signatures on the form for “refusing medical treatment against doctor’s advice”. When I came out of minor OR, the young boy’s father was shouting that no doctor had seen them since they came, because one of the Saudi nurses had convinced him to get the suture done. That is really pathetic.

You cant see a woman without her mehram (husband/brother/father) or any nurse accompanying her. Never do the mistake of seeing a woman alone, you must call the nurse to stand with her.

The general behavior of natives is proud and arrogant, and they consider themselves as best Muslims. Even, a child would be showing no respect to you, this is just because they only consider you “a slave”.


There will be learning in teaching hospitals, but in PHCCs (Primary Health care centers) or General Hospitals , there is “no learning”.

You will have to attend some CME courses to accumulate 90 Hours per contract, for requirement of renewal of contract.

Whats the salary like:

For Resident doctors: It is calculated as Basic Salary = 4000 SAR for MBBS + 200 SAR per year of experience (excluding house job) + 20% of the basic salary + 15% (food allowance) + 400 SAR (travel allowance)

For example: If you have 2 years after housejob experience your salaray (according to above formula) will be 4000+400+20%=5280 + 15% = 6072+400 (travel allowance) = 6472 SAR per month

For a complete list of Saudi salaries, check out our article on Salaries of Foreign Doctors in Saudi Arabia.


Petrol is really cheap here, so one can afford car easily which is a good thing. You wont see many people walking as every one uses cars for even shorter distances. Life style is much sedentary in Saudia. Living for a single person is not expensive compared to the salary one will be getting, but if you compare that to your home country (i.e. Pakistan), then it would be expensive. You can easily save huge amounts of money here.

Markets are closed here during Azan time and than resumed after prayers.

My Conclusion:

Summing up my experience, I must say if anyone is not having any financial problems must not come here, or if one comes here, should aim to move on. One must not stay longer here and must attempt post-graduation exams in western countries or your home country for example, MRCP, MRCS, FCPS or USMLE, PLAB etc and move on from Saudi Arabia after saving good amounts of money.

Pakistani doctors should return to Pakistan for betterment of Pakistan, because if we dont do that who else would?



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  1. dr farhan: dr khurshid i would like to ask one thing that if the scenario is like what u are mentioning than why you don’t come back to pakistan

  2. i wouldn’t say you are necessarily wrong but this is not a way for a trained medical doctor to write using phrases like (I think demanding & ordering is in their nature, because of lots of wealth.) (The general behavior of natives is proud and arrogant, and they consider
    themselves as best Muslims. Even, a child would be showing no respect
    to you, this is just because they only consider ) otherwise i would say pakistanis are cunning morons who only care about collecting money and screwing people up based on my experience when i studied with them. anyways it’s good to know from ur conclusion that doctors should only go to SA to collect money n not to do their jobs as doctors.

    • if you wont work as a doctor how could you get money?
      well what is wrong in writing a fact which u r saying phrases ?? if there is such thing how am i supposed to describe it??
      if u dont believe then u come here and do job as a dr especially in ER !! u will get ur concepts right

    • Being born and raised in saudi arabia, i totally agree with dr. mudassir. You would too if you had any idea of how the saudis treat the foreifners (except, ofcourse, american nationals) Saudi’s are the most pathetic people in the world. They can come and slap you in the face if you did anything that didnt please them

      • I agree with you 100 percent. Now Saudi medical council is creating problems for foreign doctors,doctors recruited as consultants are down graded as specialist and specialist as medical advise after working in daudia Arabia is Stay in Pakistan or go to some western country ,at least you will have some rights some respect .

    • I think their is nothing wrong in that, why are Pakistanis not complaining about working in UK,US or Canada? The problem with Saudis is that they treat educated people as labors especially from Pakistan because Pakistan is still a 3rd world country. It is the same Saudia Arab which has given 1st citisenship to British and Americans but unfortunately they don’t treat muslims nicely.

      • While going through the whole thread of discussion, the main problem seems to be of behavior and attitude of Saudi people. Well, although i am not a dr but i have been a patient and have been to many private and government hospitals in Pakistan. believe me i was astonished to see the attitude and behaviour of drs and nurses with patients, so ill mannered i could never imagine. i wondered why people use to dream of being dr, just to earn money and scream on patient. i have also been to saudia and they are indeed very strict and proud people but you should also analyse yourself as well. you people can imagine how our prophet PBUH endured a lot hardships to teach islam in Saudia to encounter the tough arabs. He suffered immensely and taught us the lesson of good behaviour attitude being the model for it. but unfortunately, whole muslim community needs this a lot irrespective of the nationality

        Apart from this, i have also been in Sweden, although they are not Muslim yet i have found them very nice and people of good attitude. so this is the “Food for Thought” for all muslims

        • Sadia Madam,

          I agree with you but pls note that their are also many good hospitals in Pakistan where patients are treated properly by drs and nurses, my mother is a patient herself for more than 20 years and she got treated in US, Dubai and Pakistan.

          I can’t complain about Dubai because most of the drs and nurses their are either Pakistanis ,Indians or Sri Lankans.

          But My mother has also had treatment in Al Mustafa Clinic and Liaqat National Hospital in Karachi and I have never heard my mother complaining about the staff of these hospitals.

          The main problem in Pakistan is that most of the qualified and experienced drs and nurses are leaving Pakistan, so I think this is the main reason why you are not finding any qualified and experienced dr in Pakistan now. As you know when Zardari Bastard was the President of Pakistan ,not just in Medical Centers and Hospitals ,even in PIA and Railway ,most of the employees who were hired were untrained and were hired on sirfarish.

        • If you really believe that Pakistani drs and nurses are illmannered then why in Saudia Arab is demanding more drs from Pakistan?

          i was reading a news about Saudia Arab few years back and they said that they need more drs from Pakistan.

          Their are already many Pakistani drs in US and I was also reading in Geo.TV website news that in UK, their is a huge pool of Pakistani drs and even more than drs from other countries.

          Obviously madam then what do you expect ?Agar sarey achey achey drs. aur nurses jub Bahar mulk chaley jaeengay aur jub Zardari jaisi ghatia government hogi, then what do you expect ?You expect qualified drs to be replacing them?

        • th problem here is that once you become doctor people expect an ‘angel’ not a dont know how hard it is to become a doctor. And when you become one, would you like to be screamed at, to be abused by some common man in Emergency Deptt.? I bet you just do 12 hours shift in and ED and then you will know what its like. So stop blaming without knowing the reality!! same happened in Lady Reading Hospital Peshawar, Doctors were beaten by attendants. God forbid we are not Jesus so that we can bring people back to live. We are humans and we do deserve some respect!! which we dont get neither from our Govt nor from people! so get ready to be treated by quacks then people will realize.

  3. well…whatever has been written by dr. muddasser is 100% correct. nothing has been exaggerated, not even a single phrase. though im not living in dr muddassir’s city still ican very well relate myself with the same working condition. People mostly come here for money and not for career boost. Only 2-3% of the total patients will regard you.

  4. brother muddasser,you absolutely right.i been working as doctor in saudi arabia for a year,to my frustration,i have to say only one thing,no pakistani should come to saudi arabia,i would prefer to die of hunger,but will never come to saudi arabia for job anymore.

  5. I am currently working in Saudi Arabia and i totally totally totally totally totallyyyyyyy agree with the author with whatever he said!!!!!! i am experiencing exactly the same thing!!!!

  6. We have religious affiliation with Saudi Arabia and I have been there for 44 days.
    Apart from my affiliation, on other grounds I totally agree with the author.
    If you just want to make money, you are good to go. However, you won’t be able to enjoy life in Saudia. You would get bored and you would miss your country so much. You will have every facility there but you won’t get satisfied from inside. The locals won’t understand a word in english. You should know some arabic to convey your message. I didn’t have any bad experience with the locals due to less interaction as I was there for some other purpose. The interaction I had with locals was good and not bad in any sense. Infact, they didn’t understand me and I kept on speaking english :p. I feel that author is right! There are many Pakistanis, Indians and Bangladeshis there, and it’s totally a different world. One thing you will notice about locals is that they speak loud. Probably, you would feel they are fighting with each other but they are not.
    I am sure once you are there, you will miss each bit and piece of Pakistan. When I was there, first time i realized how much I love Pakistan.

  7. A word of advice to all my fellows who want to work in Saudi Arabia (or any other arab country), when you will go to work for them they will treat you inhumanely and will not give you the respect you deserve. they will pay you very less as compared to Saudis or even other Arabs with equivalent (or even less) qualification. and while you work with your hearts out 5 or ten years from now they will develop their own medical graduates you will have no place in their system and they will want you to go to your own country(they will now remember the unemployment of their own citizens and their disturbance of their demographic balance.)

    They will make the life so much more difficult that you wouldn’t wanna live there any more (like cancel driving licences, raising house rent so much that you cannot afford to live there)

    And this whole thing is happening as right now in to engineers and other professionals which came to arab countries in 90’s developed their economy build refinerys , industries and now they dont need these people any more.

  8. Well. after reading all article in details, I think life is not as tough as being shown here. I think best time to move here is after some higher qualifications like MRCP or FCPS as specialist or consultant. Secondly, problems are everywhere and every country has its own pros and corns. European countries will not entertain any doctor without registration and that require a lot of money and time for preparation for exam.
    At least give credit to Saudis that allow doctors to work and also get registered within one year time. Initially due to lack of language and lack of awareness of culture, problems are more but with the passage of time condition starts improving. At least one is saving more as compared to the parent country. One may after one year , find a job in good specialized hospital in a big city if you have a post-graduate qualification. Life as a resident is tough here as lot of duties and work load especially in ER. ER is extremely tough and require lot of patience and tolerance to work.
    To conclude, I recommend both junior and senior doctors to come and enjoy the hospitality of the Saudis. They are simple and nice people if you understand them and they respect Pakistani doctors a lot. Asir region is little tough. Entire terrain from Taif to Jizan is tough with difficult people. I can understand the stress, new doctors face here initially. But majors cities like Makkah, Madina, Riyadh, Jeddah, Dammam are nice especially if you are working at some specialized hospital.
    Salary is more than 15K SAR with free accommodation and transportation and air ticket and huge educational and annual leaves plus other leaves like emergency, national days and eid days extending from 5 to 12 for one eid,
    Makkah region receives two extra salaries for hajj as well.
    Any how everybody has its own experiences and circumstances. I cant compare good experience with others. I am fully satisfied here by the Grace of Allah.
    Best Wishes for all.

    • I don t agree with you dr sb.I have MRCS and FCPS…..If you want to grow in skill and knowledge KSA is graveyard for you.The author of this article is absolutely right.

  9. I think this author has given a very bad picture of Saudia Arab, yes I agree with the attitude of the arabs but pls understand that not all arabs are same. Lebanese, Jordanians ,Syrian and Egyptians are one of the nicest arabs I have seen. I think this is the problem with doctors in Saudia Arab but condition in UAE is much different. Their are many Pakistanis and foreigners their and non of them complain.
    I have lived many years in UAE but I have also seen some very good arabs who like and appreciate the work of Pakistanis.

    • The author does not mean all Arabs, I am sure. He only talks about his experience in Saudi Arabia in this article. I agree the situation in UAE is much better.

  10. After reading this article, I will prefer to serve in BHU for free in Pakistan than to go to Saudi Arabia. I was planing to appear in interview this month. Ooh my friend u saved me… Thanks for it.

  11. What ever experience is mentioned in this blog is 100% true. I also worked in MOH Almaddah PHCC, Abha, Asir region for four years and then for two years in Riyadh region. I had the same experience. I came first time in Abha with my family but I already knew the situation there in Saudia to some extent that no body will come to receive me at the airpoart. Luckily I new one Pakistani family there who received us from Abha Airpoart. Rest of the story is almost same as mentioned in this blog. Going to Asir Regional Director office then going to Asir hospital and getting accomodation there temporarily and all the sufferings were same. Every newly comming doctor and Nurses face the same problem there. May Allah improve Pakistan’s economic situation and save rest of the doctors and other workers to suffer in such disgusting environment. Aameen

  12. This guy Mudassar needs to calm down before he expects to be asked for water in western countries. He does advise other Pakistani doctors to move there and pass the USMLE but no ones treated superiorly here even if you have a 260 on your Step 1 and 2. You can’t even ask the cleaning guy here to get you water or expect him or her to ask u if ur thirsty. You got a language barrier, fix it up buddy before you come to America or any other western country. No one will pamper you, just be glad you’re getting paid what you deserve after all those years of hard work in medical school and got a chance because you’re not in Pakistan. We all know theres jobless doctors in our country, forget getting a decent salary.
    Imagine the frustration a Pakistani Doctor goes through when he’s trying to help a patient to make a right diagnosis and save a life or doing a procedure and the electricity goes down. No AC in extremely hot summer and hospitals are like an oven. Hospitals in the middle east and west are clean and theres a much lower rate of nosocomial infections, theres a price for everything and you’re gaining a lot more by getting paid more, working top class machines and technology in a clean safe environment and getting paid 10 times more than you would be in the country you went to school.
    Yes American Doctors make good money if they practice in America or middle but do you guys ever think how much money in interest loans they are forced to take by the time they are done with 8-12 years of Bachelors, Medical School and Residency? Around US $300,000-$500,000.
    Pakistan doctors are so luck that they paid a small fraction of that in tuition fee in Pakistani medical colleges and still they have a chance to practice and make the same money in middle east or if they pass the USMLE work in America.

    • In US and West ,their is self service, unlike in nawab muslim countries ,where most of the people depend on nukar(servants).

      But in US if a doctor or any other employees come, atleast they guide you about how to get to the right place, and they also talk to you without any attitude.

      • Oh yes these people have great morals, they are not rude, stubborn or conceited like the arabs are who think every non arab isnt really a true muslim and everyone dark skin is supposed to be treated like a slave.

        • This is what i am saying, in US,UK and other Western countries, they don’t care about your nationality or religion, they treat everyone almost equally but yes their are some old age citisens in US who do not talk with asians nicely but new generation their is very good.

    • Umer: I followed you here. As an American with a long family history of involvement in international medicine, I would title this article: Arrogant Pakistani Takes Job as Hired Hand and Is Shocked to Be Treated As Hired Hand.” This guy would have a rough time in the States. Here, the attitude is: if you are smart enough to be a doctor, you should be smart enough to take care of your own basic needs. Yes, you can ask the cleaning guy, “Excuse me, sir, do you know where I can get some water?”, but woe unto anyone who expects him to fetch it for him. Moreover, some American patients can be just as demanding as he describes the Saudi’s, not helped by the internet. US docs also love to prescribe x-rays, as in a fee-for-service environment they can bill for each x-ray.

  13. I have seen this discussion, I am not a dr by profession but I would also appreciate if any dr from US,UK or Canada would also like to share their experiences of working their on this discussion.

  14. He is absolutely right.I worked in Ksa and went through the same, but one thing is for sure, you will save money.The cost is you will be treated as a slave, you will lose your skill and knowledge, your kids will suffer as they will have no family support and poor education and in the end when you return back, you and your family is incapable of any thing productive,,,,,lethargy is injected in people who stay there for long, May Allah have mercy on them.Its so unfortunate and it was so difficult for me staying there, those were the worst time although I had money !!!! I dont know how to conclude this but make money and move on, be quick and must clear exams like mrcs usmle mrcp etc.
    Allah help us as a nation.I pray if we can have better system in Pakistan, all the brilliant minds stay here and we can do good to our society. Individuals do make difference.
    Really nic earticle, eye opener

    • Yes Dear, I am agree with Dr. Shafiq that Saudi Arabia is only the place to collect money for short period of time but one good thing is that u can do Umrah and Hajj in this period. Living in Pakistan with less money is also misery, but even u cant stay long in KSA.
      regarding attitude of Saudi people, let them enjoy as they will not be changed but u have to do compromise . Saudi is good place of work for people who has acute financial problems.
      Take care.

  15. salam. nowadays I am planning to go to KSA. how to move this I do not know. can anybody help me the path to saudia as a doctor.

    dr.syed waseem manzar

  16. Very informative!
    Just today a Saudi Endocrinologist ‘suggested’ me to mirate to Saudi Arabia to get that ‘Monay without Tax’, who is working in a doctors office in Toronto, Canada. LOL! I wonder why they migrated to Canada?
    “Money is Nothing without Respect Brother!”
    Thanks for shaaring your thoughts and experiences with us! I t might help people have a second thought about moving to Saudia.

  17. yes i am100 percent agree then they wil catch u under some stupid medicolegal issues just on arrival then u wil b stucked here for years. we come here because of haram kaaba money they r aying to residents less than a staff nurse

  18. @Peter
    You only have emphasized on that they didn’t ask me water! What would you do if a guest comes to your home? Does he has to ask from your cleaner that excuse me sir where can I get water?
    This article is not just that about water and your given title is wrong. It’s all about the attitude of people here and yes in US or Pakistan there are bad people too buy way too less than in Saudi. If you wanna experience, you are welcome to work here. Oh, I forgot, they won’t treat people bad who have western nationality. So, you might not experience the same as we do.
    Some one said sauids are nice people, yes I agree but less than 10 percent of them are, others are just as*holes.
    What’s the important conclusion of this article is that you won’t get respect here.

  19. Absolutely true.saudisns are wicked racist.they will break you.fight with you and then they will make you their slave.I worked in ER for three years neaf albaha.and I remember the horror of working in the land of arrogant I returned here Pakistan 10 years back .I feel I should have stayed.I am 46 And what ever money I saved I saved in Saudis. .this is paradox but true.I know I have passed the age limit.see if I can make to Dubai..kDa except hilt places was nightmare.will anybody guitar due me ?

  20. I’m sorry but the author just sounds like an uninformed arrogant idiot. He got a driver and helper to carry his luggage, but he keeps complaining how they didn’t ask for water (i always carry a bottle with me). And since you’re in Saudi, learn some basic Arabic sentences to get by instead of complaining.

    Only Pakistani doctors (i have to guess from his terrible attitude that author is a UHS graduate) have this superiority complex – resire

  21. I’m sorry but the author just sounds like an uninformed arrogant idiot. He got a driver and helper to carry his luggage, but he keeps complaining how they didn’t ask for water (i always carry a bottle with me). And since you’re in Saudi, learn some basic Arabic sentences to get by instead of complaining.

    Only Pakistani doctors (i have to guess from his terrible attitude that author is a UHS graduate) have this superiority complex. You should see how American residents are worked like dogs.

    • He is the biggest smarmying Dr without any self esteem and always ready to sell type. Be truthful in what you are facing and believe me there is nothing spiritual and religious here except for the prayers which I think we can easily perfom in our Pakistan also. If you are talking about it religiously Rasool ALLAH TA ALA Alayhi salat o assalam never leave His country and setteled down in people of different race, ethics and ethnics to earn for the world rather He sticked to His country and faced everything and tolerated it and later enjoyed it. He migrated once and that was even by the orders of ALMIGHTY ALLAH. Reality is we should not sell ourselves for money as people are still earning much better in Pakistan than we do here. There arre no pros here in my opinion only CONS are what I see here.

    • @ Ali S: I think you are a bigger IDIOT as you didn’t understand the them and moral behind the author’s article. All the things that happened to him happened with us also, we did learn basic Arabic before coming but it DID NOT help at all because there is no cooperation and assistance provided to a doctor when he/she lands here. Secondly Pakistani doctors don’t have any more superiority complex than doctors of other nationalities. Thirdly the American residents DON’T have to face the type of racial discrimination that foreign doctors in Saudi Arabia have to face ( My brother in law is a double MD and on the examination board in the US – I am telling this so that you don’t give me the uninformed arrogant idiot remark as you gave to the author without even knowing him ).

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  23. It’s a real story, no one wants to go there. Every month a team of DELEGATES come to India. Only to find out that no one wants to go there with day by day decreasing pay compared to India. Saudis got money , they flaunt it, if I have same amount of money , I will also become like them.

  24. Doctors in Pakistan specially who are working in government sectors are working in extreme difficult circumstances with minimum resources. Even though they are giving their best.people consider Doctors as super human with supernatural powers.Obviously they are humans like others.They need rest also.Who else can perform 38 hours consecutive duties with poor wages only Pakistani Doctors can.Please try to be in other shoe instead of blaming and putting false accuses.

  25. Salam it is my advice to non doctor people to think kindly with justice about doctors
    It is not justified to only talk negative about Pakistani doctors? If country has no output from them then go ahead and close government hospitals and medical colleges and treat urself. One should speak sensibly that civilian doctors r working at the cost of their lives without any security at all across whole of Pakistan and their services are superior to question is r ur beaurucrates angels?
    Politicians angels? Judges, civil services angels? People who r supposed to protect r most corrupt of all and these r not myths read newspaper everyday they r full of this. If yes then doctors have no right to live in Pakistan and last but not least respect is superior to money whether in Pakistan or any where else.

  26. Currently doctors working in Pakistan are passing through a period, where there is survival of the fittest. There are goog opportunities in the country itself but these are very few.

  27. The dr is true
    Me too is a doct and worked in MoH fr.3 years from 1997 to 2000…Really saudees are curse on earth.There r no rights of.foriegners (except developed countries).Saudees r going against islamic laws.

  28. Aa quite an interesting post, i can see its been going on for a few years now. I currently work in UK and have also worked in KSA.
    Attitude of locals, i agree isnt great. But see when I came to UK there is hardly any concept of accomodation, transport or anything provided by the NHS. Just show up at work, get an induction and get to work.
    Money isnt as good as Middle east. So i do recommend middle east as a lanch pad for junior doctors if you do t have enough money in your pocket to sit your expensive exams.
    Lets not always complain about Saudis, if you are wise, you should get your exams done, go to a western country and build a proper career. Then you can always go back to Saudi with a leg to stand on.
    Be wise, use everything in your favour. There no standard place where all is well. Juniors dont be deceived by good money in KSA. If you want to be respected, you need to be better qualified.
    Sorry no magic suggestion here. Just being honest. Life for doctors is not a walk in the park. But i must say Saudi gives a money good enough to pay for your exams, live well and the key is to move on.

    My bhashan is based on 10years of experience.
    And yes once you are qualified, leave the west, serve the area where you grew up. Money will come, you are doctors.

  29. Hello . I did my mbbs and house job from pakistan . Then got married and shifted to bahrain . . So i hav no experience after house job . Is there any chances of getting a job in saudia ?

  30. not all hospitals here are like that. Try a hospital with more facilities. I am working at King Faisal Hospital and happy with environment and facilities here.

  31. So breeding for disadvantageous mutations isn’t for health purposes? Weird. The idea is to create an animal that DOESN’T have those defects that create ill health effects. That’s the whole purpose behind it.You’re so cool! Hitler began by talking certain freedoms away and imposing increasingly stricter measures on the Jews. To worsen the problem, these workouts are often advocated on a nearly, daily basis. “He was always for technical progress and ‘Don’t tell me it’s too expensive’,” said Lutz, speculating Honda engineers no longer had the founder’s voice ringing in their ears..

  32. its ture saudis have no manners theay treated us as a slaves mony is not everything respect is importent. only saudia attract bcz ummrah or hajh otherwise no body dont want to go there. i just say dont go for job as a doctor especially lady doctors.

  33. I have been offered a consultant post in Riyadh for 55000 -65000 SR/month which is three times the amount I am currently getting in UK. I am going to Pakistan instead to serve my own people (reasonable salary). It is tough decision to leave such a handsome salary but some of us do have to go back home to improve things. I have known numerous Pakistani doctors over the years who promised to go back one day but that day never came. We all have a part to play to improve the health system of Pakistan. Consider Saudi to make money so that you can then later on spend that money in Pakistan to help our own people.

  34. Any one have enough money to have home nd car nd support family wil neverl leave pak but u also know oak reality now a days ur electricity bill more then ur salary nd income even no light

  35. A person necessarily help to make severely articles I would state. This is the very first time I frequented your web page and to this point? I amazed with the analysis you made to make this particular post amazing. Excellent job!

  36. I do not even know how I ended up here, however I thought this publish was great. I do not understand who you might be however definitely you are going to a well-known blogger if you happen to aren’t already. Cheers!

  37. How is the experience of lady doctors going as resident in Riyadh? I have been selected and going to saudia in few days with family.somebody said dont go saudia esp lady doctors.getting afraid by reading all the experiences.

  38. Lol…..i have bookmarked this page! When I leave Saudi, I will post my expereince…

    Note: I am African and experienced SAME as above!

    For now I will say “To God be the Glory” as everyday is a struggle

  39. I M also selected for the post of resident in jeddah. My husband is already settled in other profession over there. I will b leaving shortly . plz anyone guide me what z d procedure we need to follow and what about clearing Saudi licensing exam. Do I have to clear it in my native place or in Saudi. Please reply.

  40. Asa. Thanks .v much informative. But I want to ask if there is any place where Pakistani expat can get job as demonstrator in private medical colleges in jeddah .if at all possible. Without any experience at hand m kindly reply. JAZAKALLAH

  41. I work in a dialysis unit run by Davita as Resident. I agree with you that Saudis donot respect Pakistanis. People from MOH come to dialysis unit and misbehave with junior and senior doctors.
    Second thing is the unholy alliance of Egyptians and Sudanese doctors. They make conspiracies and try to push out Pakistani and Indian doctors.
    I joined this company thinking that it is American dialysis company but later I learnt that both Davita and the other European company Diaverum have broken the trust of doctors. They hire you for one big city and then post you in small cities.
    My advice to Pakistani doctors is that come to Saudi Arabia for earning and improve your financial situation and then move on. Do dome postgraduate degree in this time period.

  42. Always ask about place of posting in written. Remember that Riyadh is a big province spread over 400 square km or more. So not be betrayed by Riyadh. They will post you in a small primary health care centre PHCC in Aldawasir 400 km away from Riyadh city. So ask specifically about city or more precise the name of hospital. Donot take Saudis are those who were companions of Prophet pbuh. Quraish of Makkah like attitude still prevails there.
    Also keep in mind the deteriorating financial condition of Saudi Arabia. The govt has increased petrol price and imposed tax of 87 SAR on every international passenger just like 1000 RS in Pakistan. People also fear some income tax on salary or tax on remittance by Expatriates to home countries

  43. Hi,
    I have read the story twice. My conclusion is that the doctor in this story need a crash training of communication skills & arabiic language. Most of his difficulties mentioned were created because of these short comings. Most of his conclusions about saudians is totally WRONG. Its only because of doctors own deficiencies. For example .. a doctor who is walking thirsty & hungry in Saudi , he could have bought food and water from any where. Is not it funny? A child can arrange taxis accommodations food in Saudi .. its no problem at all. Doctor is projecting his short comings on Saudi system which is totally WRONG.
    I have worked in present hospital remote areas in extremly difficult environment. Saudi people are straight forward. They don’t have two layers. They never cheat. All you need is some spoken Arabic skills. It makes life easy for both doctor and saudians. My experience is that saudians are far far better than any other country people which I came across. The saudians are honest so they say what they feel.
    My tips after working about six years in Saudi is..
    * Learn Arabic
    * Learn communication skills
    * Enjoy good food available from almost all restaurants available on highways,roads. Its usually cheap and good quality.
    * Never mind heat and desert .. its for every body.
    * learn driving .. get licence & enjoy ridding high quality vehicals which you can buy cheap in Saudi . Same vehical is twelve times costly in Pakistan.
    * great law and order .. no thefts or robberies .. enjoy safety.
    * perform omrah and hajj.
    Always remember that heat and desert and system is for every one.
    Best of luck
    Dr Ijaz

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  45. All lie Saudi arab is a peaceful country i am also in saudi arab from 2009 to till and i have Excellent Job in saudi arabia saudi arab is so so so better then pakistan i think Dr. dont know anything .

  46. hi guys…i m planning to work in KSA as a GP. should I qualify SLE to get a job in a private clinic? how much should i expect per month by working 48 hrs/week. i need some money and want to study for arab board there…..any guidelines will be appreciated.

  47. Assalamalykum. …
    I get selected for jeddah region by moh…plz someone tell me is it necessary to give prometric this year or next yr.
    My husband get also selected but for Makka it possible to transfer his job in jedda…..plz help.

  48. He is crying about KSA.Thousands of doctors are migrating to canada for the Canadian passport and destroying their careers.There are no openings for doctors but its still mentioned on their websites that it has opened immigration for foreign physicians.Even after passing all exams and doing unpaid volunteer jobs in hospitals foreign doctors end up in measly low paid jobs like tim hortons and taxi drivers.This guy should get a life.Atleast he is getting paid.Ppl volunteer for months with no positive result

  49. ‎Southciti Khi‎ to State Life Insurance Corporation of Pakistan
    10 December 2015 ·
    Mr Samuel William Din working at SIUT (He is assistant to Madam Farida in MSO department in Dewan Farooq building) had got some money from me and my friends for State Life Insurance. He has taken the money but did not do the insurance. He is now refusing to return the money and has changed his mobile number. If possible please provide me his mobile number. but most imortant thing is that he has been asking the poor employees to get insurance at cheap rates and then refused. He is a big fraud.

    PS: Samuel William is a fraud and he is doing this in name of State Life Insurance. Please keep your employees safe from him.
    I am,
    Sara Inayat
    staff nurse at South City Hospital


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  51. Saudi Arabia is not a bad place to work. When I see situation of hospitals in Pakistan then the hospitals and working conditions in KSA are much better than Pakistan, India and Bangladesh.
    Only we have to realize few things
    1. Saudis want expats to behave as SLAVES
    2. We must try to learn Arabic to be able to communicate
    3. There is culture of backbiting in KSA. We should be aware of Egyptians and Sudanese to avoid it.
    4. Pakistani doctors should have unity among themselves. and should not be get blackmailed by Saudi or other doctors
    5. We must remember that there is NO liberty in KSA, even Saudi citizens cannot speak against their govt or system. That’s why their govt has allowed them to make complaints against foreigner doctors. We have to follow SOPs and rules to avoid any complaint against us.


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