Top 10 Amazing Stories about Medical Guardian

Medical Guardian is a leading organization that offers personal emergency response system services to all classes of clients. And some studies show that it remains one of the great places one can work in Philadelphia. Medical Guardian is in the forefront of providing medical alert services to people that wishes to live meaningful, active lifestyle.

In this short post, we are going to reflect top 10 amazing things you need to learn more about Medical Guardian:

  • Geoff Gross is the founder of Medical Guardian, and he and the team are doing everything humanly possible to continue to take the company to an enviable height. Their top most priority is to make sure clients are completely satisfied at all times.
  • Medical Guardian is reputed as one of the top ranking medium-size enterprises, with strong organizational structure, values and culture.
  • According to the available survey, they take good care of their employees. The reason is very simple, they know that the happier the employees becomes, the happier the customers will be too. When employees are happy, it will translate to the way they will relate to the customers. The highest priority of Geoff Gross remains to ensure that the employees are 100% satisfied no matter the situation.
  • The team of Medical Guardian keep on growing from one stage of excellence to another. It Is important to remark here that within the last 10 years, Medical Guardian have made huge impact in the lives of many seniors by offering exceptional and real medical alert devices together with other excellent services.
  • Philadelphia Business Journal has repeatedly named Medical Guardian as one of the ‘Best Places to work’ in Philadelphia. This is indeed excellent news, which is coming at the right time.
  • Feel free to browse through the Medical Guardian website, so that you can find out more information on careers available. Applicants can apply in any of the following positions namely sales services, billing services, client’s services etc.
  • It is on record that Medical Guardian since its inception has served over 200,000 clients within the United States of America. Clients enjoy freedom and renewed sense of independence. A good number of these clients have recommended their services to their circle of friends, family, associates and loved ones.
  • Medical Guardian has reliable systems that take care of people living with disability, liveliness and mobility of senior citizens.
  • The monitoring team is highly responsive. Immediately you press the alert pendant, they will give you a call immediately, if you didn’t answer, they will dispatch help without any delay.
  • Medical Guardian advises that in the event of emergency, you should press the pendant, so that the monitoring team can speak to the device from the base station. If they were unable to get any useful response, they will immediately dispatch for help.

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