Smoking Vs Vaping: Which one is less killing!

The kinetics of the world teaches us balance in any attribute of life. Even if we go for such things that are not suitable for our health/life, it is still advised that one should find a less yet relatively better option among the options. Since the dispersion of cigarettes in our lives, we have seen how severely people have got affected over the years. It makes the feeling worse that one is buying death eventually that too from their hard earned money.

It has been observed over the years that despite of numerous health campaign people never failed in continuing or starting smoking. Despite of the fact that it’s something which can never benefit anybody; the tobacco industry has flourished exponentially and all thanks to its users.

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services published  The Health Consequences of Smoking—50 Years of Progress: A Report of the Surgeon General, smoking has captured the adolescents from the age of 14 and according to a report approximately 90% of the smokers started before they were 18.  The use of tobacco is a gateway to inevitable and killing diseases leading to Chronic Heart disease, Aortic Aneurysm – early abdominal aortic atherosclerosis in young adult and adolescents (USDHHS 2012), Peripheral Arterial Disease, Lung Cancer, Oral Cancer, Cerebrovascular diseases and almost every part of your body.  Almost every organ becomes dysfunctional as if we see woman it creates complications not only in conceiving but also affects baby’s before and after health. Early birth, Still birth, Sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), Effects male sperms and impairs infertility.

The main components of cigarettes are nicotine, tar, carbon monoxide as well as formaldehyde, ammonia, hydrogen cyanide, arsenic, and DDT including 43 other carcinogenic compounds leaves no doubt in understanding why smoking kills !

The Switching!


As ‘necessity is the mother of invention’ e-cigarettes were introduced as a comparatively healthier alternative to cigarettes. Only a decade old, the e-cigarette is not only healthy relatively but is also easy on pockets as according to Public Health England study vaping is 40% cheaper than cigarettes.

Nicotine is such deadly that it’s still considered a crime in some countries like Australia, it has been observed that people who quits often relapse due to terrible manifestation where Vaping has given them a chance to be a little soft on themselves.

Now you don’t have to lock yourself up of find a smoking area as for vaping you have got ultimate freedom! Yes Freedom! Be it hotels, offices or any public area, being smokeless makes them useable at almost every place but yes exceptions are always there. There are some places where vaping is banned but those places are relatively less than smoking free zones.

Due to a distinct smell, smokers can be identified easily whereas if you want keep it hidden vaping will let you do so as it leaves no such aroma left once you vape leaving no proof. No ASH and No Smell

E-cigarettes are not only easy to use but can also be customized. Coming in almost all flavors it created more attraction for its users to have their pleasures without any compromise.

Time and again we have seen fire outbursts due to these combustible cigarettes turning everything into ashes. E-cigarettes are environmental friendly since there’s nothing you need to light so no chance of anything getting on fire.

Now, if we see from a different angle there are some cons of vaping as well. As Propylene glycol is used in the e-liquids which retain water once you inhale it, you might go dehydrated. It is therefore, advised to drink a little water before you vape. Propylene glycol might cause allergies, whereas leaves negative impact on circulatory systems.

It is beyond doubt they are much healthier than the cigarettes, we are still not sure that one could actually get away from nicotine since some of the companies have started using nicotine in few flavor making it again a doorway for the nicotine addiction or revival. It is certainly the lack of regulations that are badly needed to be passed by the government to ensure strict compliance by the companies not to promote nicotine in any manner in e-liquids.

Imagine that you are vaping and the battery suddenly explodes. Well! This is not mere an imagination as CBC News reported one such incident which resulted in damaging the user’s mouth terribly. Just keep this factor when you try vaping or are a user of it.

Keeping other things aside, it is still much healthier option than the combustible cigarettes leaving tar inside and smoke and ashes outside. Remember balance is what we require everywhere.