A vacation is a time to rejuvenate, to rejoice, to revive,to explore new places and experiment new things. If you are on a diet, then it might become a bit challenging for you to keep up with your regimen. Nobody likes to be cautious of what they are eating, when on holidays. But if you want to maintain your health, you can try eating healthy and also maintain your weight.

You might feel tempted towards a lot of things and find it difficult to resist your urge, but the only thing that can keep you motivated is the need to stay in the pink. You surely do not want to add extra inches on your waistline and let all the workout results go in vain.  Even if you have an individual health insurance policy in your name, it doesn’t mean that you will indulge in unhealthy eating and behave recklessly.

We can help you stay hale and hearty, and enjoy your trip by suggesting a few changes in your habits while traveling.  These new habits will help you ward off any health risks. Delve into some of these tips on your next holiday and get the best of both the worlds –

1. Resist Binge Eating

We all tend to splurge more into junk eating while on a vacation as compared to our daily routine. They tend to intake calories and fatin abundance during such breaks, which is a lot more than our body requirement!

The reason why we tend to eat more than required, and gain calories coming from restaurant meals:

  • We tend to order cheat meals on vacations that have more calories and fat
  • Restaurants serve larger portions of a meal as compared to home cooked meals
  • When we opt for buffet meals, we tend to eat too much. And we eat, all of it!

Sometimes the problem arises, not due to what you eat, but how much you end up eating. Having smaller meals is always better than having bigger portions. 

2. Try to Stay Active

You pay so much for gym memberships, how about making the most of the gym facility provided by your hotel or resort.

A twenty-minute workout session before the morning break fast would help you throughout the day. You will feel high on energy, be able to burn those extra calories and feel relaxed to your heart’s content.

Another way to stay active is to walk wherever possible. When traveling for a shorter distance, you can try to skip taking a cab andwalk till there.

This might be considered as an underrated form of exercise,but it has been proven to reduce the risk of lifestyle diseases or chronic illnesses like heart attack, asthma, diabetes etc. While walking, you can explore the city, nearby market, and local attractions.

If you love to play inside the pool, then you can take up swimming, if you know it or simply play with a football and burn those extra calories.

This is not only good for health but also lifts up your mood and energy, so you can enjoy happier and healthier vacations.

3. Sleep Well

Some people find holidays as a chance to catch up on sleep.While others prefer to stay up till late to enjoy the nightlife, and then get up early the next morning for sightseeing, water activities and sunbathing.

This might sound interesting, but in the end it would leave you feeling exhausted. Lack of sleep isone of the major reasons for weight gain, as you might end up eating more,consuming more calories and tend to be more lethargic during the day.

Try not to interfere too much with your biological clock or circadian rhythm. Having a fast metabolism is important during the trip if you want to stay healthy and enjoy properly.

4. Stay Hydrated

When on vacation, the first thing that we miss out on is drinking enough water. While exploring new destinations and roaming around the city, we end up having a lot of aerated drinks. Instead, you can try to carry water bottles wherever you go.

Dehydration can lead to more of binge eating and you may end up consuming extra calories. 

You can switch ordering fried items with fresh veggies and fruits like watermelon, pineapple, strawberries, lettuce, and tomatoes to balance your water intake. These fruits and vegetables have a higher percentage of water and fiber content. 

5. Snack Smart

Though it’s not easy to resist the temptation for a scoop of ice cream on the beach or indulging in a glass of sangria, it’s important to shine a light on your snacking habits.

Do not snack only because there is food available, but indulge in snacking only when you feel hungry. You simply need to keep the balance even when eating out.

If you really want to have that scoop of ice cream, add some fruits to it. Do not play with your health just because you have emergency medical expenses covered under your individual health insurance policy; try to keep it right from the beginning.

6. Try to Limit on Alcohol

Can you ever enjoy holidays without alcohol or a glass of Pina colada? Well, it’s not as difficult as it may sound. Unfortunately, we tend to increase our usual calorie intake with alcoholic drinks when on vacation.

So, what you can try to reduce your calorie intake:

  1. You can always use combinations that have fewer calories.  You can switch that margarita with a mojito. The freshness of lime and mint will make you feel refreshed. You can go for a Pina colada cooler with fresh juices mixed in it, as it has fewer calories than a normal Pina colada. You can save around 300-400 calories just by changing your preferences.
  2. Switching to diet lemonade instead of a glass of beer would help you cut down half of the calories.
  3. Mix your wine with soda water to reduce your total calories intake.

7. Follow These Healthy Habits When Home

It’s always a great idea to follow these new habits after your vacation as well.  You can try to make these healthy new habits part of your daily routine.  Take a note of the habits that you enjoyed the most on your trip, and try to inculcate them in your lifestyle, to keep up your health. 

Try to take out time for yourself and indulge into some routine exercises and maintain a healthy lifestyle to keep health risks at abay.  You can try a 15-20 minute walk in the morning, climb stairs instead of going by a lift, and try to go on foot wherever possible. These simple routine changes would help you in a longer run.

Over to You!

Vacations are a great time to take a break from your mundane routine. But during that break, if you are able to keep up your good health with these simple travel hacks, you would certainly enjoy more. Simply changing your choices and preferences would help you in the long run.