Good dental health is one way you can get a picture-perfect smile. Straight white teeth can boost a person’s confidence, so oral hygiene is essential. However, there are many myths that a lot of people might still believe today that could be damaging their oral health. It’s time that you know what those misconceptions are so you can avoid making those mistakes:

Going to the dentist only when your teeth hurt.

Lots of people often forget about regular dental check-ups because they think it doesn’t seem necessary when there’s nothing painful. But that’s completely wrong. Regular check-ups involve examining your teeth and gums to see if there’s anything that might be a cause for worry.

You need to have a check-up at least every six months, so it’s best to find a dentist near your area. If, for example, you live in San Bernardino County, California, you might want to look for a dentist. Set up appointments with your chosen dentist and always show up.

Getting regular dental check-ups will cost less money than when you wait until a bigger problem occurs. You might also have a better chance of saving damaged teeth than delaying until the damage is irreversible. After all, prevention is better than cure.

Brushing hard can clean teeth better.

When it comes to removing dirt and grime from your walls, brushing hard is super effective. However, it’s not the same for cleaning teeth. Brushing your teeth so hard could do more damage than you think.

Our teeth are covered by hard enamel to protect them from cavities. If you brush too hard, you might be eroding that hard enamel, and without it, your teeth no longer have anything to protect them from tooth decay. It might also cause gum recession, which means your teeth has less gum support.

The proper way to brush your teeth is to use soft circular motions with your toothbrush. If you feel pain, then you’re doing it wrong or you might have to see your dentist.

If you don’t eat too many sweets, then your teeth should be okay.

Although staying away from sweets can be good for your dental as well as overall health, it doesn’t exactly mean that you’re safe from developing cavities. Chips, crackers, bread or anything that has carbohydrates in them can also cause tooth decay.

Carbohydrates have sugars, and you already know that sugar is bad for your teeth because it breaks down the tooth enamel. The sugar in carbohydrates can also be sticky so they could remain in your teeth much longer and do more damage if you don’t brush regularly.

You don’t have to remove sweets and carbohydrates from your diet completely, but eat them in moderation. You can also add food that improves dental health to your diet. Never forget to brush, floss, and visit the dentist regularly.

Chewing sugar-free gum with xylitol is a good brushing replacement.

Saliva helps clean our mouth by washing away the acids from food that may cause erosion on teeth. To help increase the production of saliva, you have to chew on some sugar-free gum, and those with xylitol is twice as effective.

It will, however, never be as good as brushing. Chewing on gum cannot remove the plaque and other food particles stuck in your teeth. It might be useful for temporary teeth cleaning if you’re in a place where brushing your teeth isn’t an option, but don’t do it as a replacement.

Flossing is unnecessary.

Brushing, of course, can only do so much. Sometimes, it can’t remove the food particles that are lodged between your teeth. If you don’t remove those, it will cause cavities which could then lead to tooth decay.

A combination of brushing as well as flossing gives your mouth a better clean-up. Brushing will remove particles on the surface of your teeth, gums, and tongue, and flossing can clean the places that the bristles of your toothbrush can’t reach.

Poor baby teeth health is nothing to worry about.

Parents may not worry too much about their kid’s oral health because they think it’s just baby teeth. Those are still replaceable and they tend to focus on dental health when the adult teeth start showing up. Neglecting to take care of baby teeth can cause more problems in the future when the adult teeth grow.

Baby teeth are essential to guide the adult teeth to grow in the right position. The spaces where the baby teeth are is where the adult teeth are supposed to grow. If the baby tooth is gone too early, space is lost, which may cause misalignment on the overall alignment of the adult teeth.

Final Thoughts

Make sure to avoid making the mistakes above, so you don’t end up with tooth decay or gum disease. It’s crucial that you take care of your dental health because it can also affect your overall health. Oral infections can spread throughout the bloodstream and carry it to other parts of your body. Always maintain good oral hygiene and don’t forget your regular dental check-ups.