Healthcare sector is one of the highly regulated and complex sectors when compared to other industries. These constraints have compelled the healthcare sector to develop its own set of rules in marketing.

Email marketing which is considered as one of the simple and traditional forms of marketing hugely works in the healthcare sector. In addition to that, strategic automated email campaigns have proved to be beneficial for the overall improvement in the healthcare sector’s services. An accurate healthcare marketing listprovides healthcare organizations with the best physicians, doctors, nurses, surgeons marketing data at the right time.

Some of the benefits of an automated email campaign are:

  1. Develops personalized connections: In today’s competitive world, where customers are bombarded with enormous content and email advertisements, a personalized relationship with the customer can be a small but essential step to maintain a good rapport with the customer. You can stand out by developing the connection with customers on an individual level as these automated campaigns shoot an email at planned intervals so that you stay on top of mind of the customer.
  2. Improves customer service: It’s a fact that effective communication is the main factor in improving customer service. Healthcare sector is no exception and automated emails, newsletters, can improve customer experience by keeping them updated about the ongoing practices being followed in the healthcare sector. Automated email campaigns even pave the path for faster transfer of information.
  3. Email lead generation: Emails are a useful tool for the lead generation. Automated email campaigns help in compelling the subscribers to share personal information which is stored in the lead healthcare email database. This personal information can provide valuable insights into the preferences of customers to be used in developing content for the next email campaign. The approach helps in improving campaign performance.
  4. Product marketing process: Automated email campaign helps in promoting your product to the right customer. These automated triggers reduce the redundant and repetitive tasks of the communication process by segmenting customers based on their preferences, purchase history, etc. The better targeting of the customers and the prospects creates a huge promotion platform for the product.
  5. Consistent messaging process: Although you have to add new customers to your customer base, it should be seen that the existing customers are given equal importance. The automated email campaigns are beneficial in this aspect as they remove the manual tracking of the responses. The regular and consistent messaging leaves an imprint of your services in the minds of the customer, and when they need your services, it is likely they will prefer your services.
  6. Brand Awareness: Developing brand awareness among prospects is one of the most important benefits which email marketing provides to its users. Brand building is a long-term process where you have to build the trust within customers towards your brand. Customers are provided with the high-value brand information so that they understand the benefits of using it. An automated email campaign has the potential to offer the value proposition of your product with a systematic approach.
  7. Saves money:  An automated email campaign allows to deploy multiple marketing campaigns thus saving the money. The content strategy and content has to be planned and developed prior to the scheduled time. These are stored, and when required there is the automatic trigger of emails with the specified data to the mapped customer. It saves much resources as fewer employees will be needed to develop and manage the content daily.


Automated email campaigns are best for strengthening customer engagement, sending real-time data, one-to-one messaging, loyalty, and retention. There is 70.5% of more open rates for automated emails and 152% higher click-through rates than regular marketing emails. Also, according to MedicoReach email engagement metrics PCs are leading with 6.7 per cent of total click rates as compared to tablets (5.6 per cent) and mobile (3.9 per cent).

Healthcare industry is one of the challenging industry, and one needs to follow a strategic approach during the execution of an email campaign. The automated process removes the manual process in tailoring messages thus saving time, and connecting with the right customers. There are other forms of marketing, but an automated email campaign works best in the healthcare sector. It helps in the immediate connection and provides an absolute professional approach for starting communication with the medical professionals.

Author Bio: My name is Lauren Williams, currently working as a senior marketing manager at MedicoReach. My hobbies include watching football, basketball and free time writer. I love traveling and food geek — this all about me in simple words.