Ah, the struggles of threading your ‘brows every twenty days are something that we can very much relate to. The unattainable mission of getting them just right is something we all strive for, but at most times we can’t achieve it. Let’s not forget the endless amount of pain that we have to go through while getting those ‘brows in shape. Threading feels like the Ghost of Sparta is scraping your eyebrows out with a pointy sword. Oh, the limitless internal screaming.

When this piercing, internal screaming, and unsynchronized eyebrows take too much of a toll on us, it makes us think “is there any way I can put an end to this?” And then, just like Angel Godmother herself getting down on planet earth to help you get in shape, Microblading came into the picture. It is very much safe to say that just like mascara and lip gloss, Microblading is one such invention that we needed and deserved.

This semi-permanent technique makes your eyebrows look so good, and people would fall for your ‘brows even before you give out an impression. You might’ve already seen snobbery of microbladed eyebrows on Instagram, and you couldn’t help but think about giving your brows the perfect makeover. Microblading is the perfect way to fake denser, fuller eyebrows that look like they were there when you popped out of momma’s womb.

Tailor-made eyebrows that require a very little upkeep down the forehead are a whole lot better than pinning down and twitching your eyebrows, or drawing them to “the perfect shape.” This perfect shape, however, gets worse with every single stroke you make. Now you know how the Brow-Code works—you got to slay from the brows, and you have to kill it right. With Microblading down by your side, you can get it done once and for all.

Let us figure out how the process of beautifying those eyebrows works. Is it as meticulous as the Ghost of Sparta plucking the sword? Or is it like ripping off the band-aid once for the greater good? Read away.

How does Microblading work?

The concept of Microblading is very much in sync with the way tattoos work. No, it isn’t tattoo for the ‘brows, but it is somewhat close to inking. In the microblading, your microblading technician uses tiny little blades and plucks to make minute incisions which is hair like. This is done above the dermis layer of the skin, and the pigment is deposited directly in those newly opened pores. This pigment is (obviously) made in sync with your skin and what kind of brows are you in for. Nobody wants to be stuck with the wrong ‘brows while giving out confused reactions.

As highlighted before, microblading is a semi-permanent procedure. Once you get it done, a microblading job on your eyebrows would last anywhere between one to three years. Touch ups will keep them in check, however, as the brows fade up over time. Now how is it different from getting inked? A tattoo artist, unlike a microblading artist, injects ink below the dermis layer of the skin, which makes it quite permanent.

Everyone wants their eyebrows to sport a look that they desire. That is why the artist at work creates pores and insertions using pigments of color that suit you and your NATURAL EYEBROW TONE. It might sound alluring to get eyebrows microbladed of a completely different color, but that is a death wish. Microblading artists advise against it for the right reasons.

Can I be Allergic to it?

There are many instances where people are sensitive and allergic to pigments. Just like not every brand of makeup suits everyone, this can happen with pigments being used in microblading too, right? Well, there have been cases where people have come out to be allergic to microblading dyes. And to make sure that this does not happen, the microblading artists perform a patch test to understand your skin’s propensity and reaction to pigments.

Microblading is a safe procedure if the right person does it. If you go to a discounted store to get your microblading done, you might as well burn your ‘brows off. One should always get their microblading done from someone who’s licensed and trained to microblade. Avant Microblading is the premier microblading studio in Atlanta, and if you want to get it done by the pros, you take Avant’s curly route to perfect eyebrows.

What happens while I get my ‘brows Microbladed?

It starts with the microblading artist threading your eyebrows into shape—yes, one last battle with the Ghost of Sparta before perfect eyebrows take their toll. The area is cleaned up and prepped for treatment. Before getting down to it, eyebrows are numbed with an ointment because let’s face it—it hurts to have needles poking you in the eyebrows. Once the numbing is done and dusted, the artist gets down to the procedure.

Once the microblading session is done, and the artist has cast the curly spell, all you have to do is slay the new ‘brows.

The Post-Microblading Rules

Now that you’ve got the microbladed, you’re slaying them week in and week out. But don’t forget to come back for a touch-up. Touch ups are essential and are scheduled in every six to eight weeks. Apart from that, you have to follow some rules that are crucial for your microbladed look to stay as it is at the very moment you walked out of the artist’s studio.

All set to slay the ‘brows?

Just take the necessary precautions and stay away from steamy showers, botox and facials for at least ten days. Use a clean pillowcase, dab your brows with coconut oil in the morning and at night. And don’t forget to post it on the ‘gram! Get your ‘blows microbladed with a licensed artist—you can start with Avant, they won’t disappoint you!

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