A general dentist takes care of your overall oral health. Everything that has to do with your teeth health, gums, jaws, and oral mucosa health is a part of general dentistry. Some of the general dentistry services are prevention, teeth cleaning, taking care of tooth decay and root canal treatments. Aesthetic dentistry is also a part of general dentistry.

If your dental therapist finds out that you need some of the other dental treatments such as oral surgery or orthodontics, you will proceed to the dental expert for those procedures. In Dental Suite Clinic, the dentist takes care of patients overall dental health.

These are general dentistry procedures:

1. Teeth examination – health of the teeth is a very important part of general dentistry checkup. Problems such us dental cavities, fractures or discolorations will be taken care of. If a dental patient comes for a checkup twice a year, every problem with the health of the teeth will be found at it very beginning so it will be less time consuming and much cheaper to resolve this problem.

2. Gums examination – the inflammation of the gums (gingivitis) must be taken very seriously since this condition of the gums can lead to severe problems with your oral health. Because of the bacteria that are based in dental plaque on the teeth and gums, the immune system is responding with the inflammation. Gingivitis is a reversible problem if you take care of it at the very beginning of this condition. If not, the inflammation will spread deeper in the tissue and into the bone structures. At this point, the disease becomes irreversible, and it can lead to tooth loss. This is why you need to take your checkups very seriously.

3. Teeth cleaning and polishing – this procedure is a part of every dental checkup. Twice a year, teeth should be cleaned professionally. In the meantime, proper oral hygiene will ensure good oral health. Try to brush your teeth at least twice a day. Use dental floss and interdental brushes, as well as mouthwashes.

4. X-ray – Once a year (every other dental checkup), an oral X-ray will be done so a dentist can see what is the condition of your teeth roots and jaw bones. Every root inflammation will be visible on an X-ray. This is very important to spot on time because having a tooth that needs to have a root canal treatment done is a very bad thing for your overall health. Bacteria from root canals can travel through your blood vessels and attack heart muscle. The other important thing that the dentist can see on the X-ray is the bone level between teeth, so this way you are monitored for the possibility of having periodontitis.

5. Oral cancer screening – during a regular dental checkup, every dental therapist should also do an oral cancer screening of oral mucosa. This means that a dentist will have a look at every part of the oral mucosa, including gums, cheeks, tongue, and palate. This is a very important part of a dental examination because the general dentist could be the first to notice if something is not right. Even though the skin of the face and neck are not a part of the oral examination, dentists are sometimes the first ones to notice problems on those parts too. Every change on mucosa or skin that is not healing after two weeks should be taken very seriously. The dental therapist will then consult a dental expert for this part of the dentistry.

6. Aesthetic dentistry – if a dental patient is not satisfied with the appearance of the teeth, a general dentist can provide several procedures that can make a smile look beautiful. Some of these procedures are teeth whitening, dental crowns, dental bridges, and veneers. It is very important to find the perfect solution for every individual patient.

If a patient is not sure how to take proper care of the teeth, the dental therapist will tell and show what is the best way to have good oral hygiene. Healthy teeth and gums, teeth cleaning and prevention of oral diseases are what general dentistry is all about.

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