According to studies, a coenzyme called NAD slows down our aging process, improve brain functioning, and restores neurological performance. NAD is abbreviated from nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide and is a coenzyme found in each cell within our body and helps in several functioning.

One of the crucial roles it plays in our body is the process of oxidation-reduction reactions. These are a part of our metabolic system and converts food into energy. NAD also regulates the natural circadian and metabolic rhythm. The coenzyme maintains DNA integrity and health and works as a mechanism for quality control for new proteins.

NAD therapy also promotes anti-aging and works on our mitochondria to increase the length of telomeres. These are protective caps located right at the end of chromosomes that shorten down as we start aging. NAD improves the activity of SIRT1 and PARP 1 proteins, which slows down the rate of aging and influences DNA repair.

Our body produces NAD, but the overall level of coenzyme reduces over time and lead to cellular changes that result in aging pathologies. A low level of NAD bonds between different types of molecules that can damage DNA if not repaired. They also accumulate with time for processes like cell change and mutation. When you restore or supplement NAD, your body counteracts these reactions and help you prevent the integrity of DNA with time.

How needs NAD therapy?

Since NAD supplementation provides so many benefits, IV therapy helps people with different conditions like:

  • Recovering from drug addiction
  • Recovering from alcoholism
  • Extends lifespan
  • Restores neurological function
  • Improves cognitive function
  • Improves muscle strength
  • Boosts weight loss
  • Improve overall level of energy

If someone needs to recover from drug addiction and alcohol abuse, they must be taken to NAD in Georgia for treatment. They promote wellness of health in an overall and help people led healthy lives.

NAD IV therapy restores the level of the powerful coenzyme for people who start lacking it. They are treated with a specialized saline solution that includes the dose of NAD and infused into the bloodstream. The cells of the patient’s body make immediate use and slowly restores the average level of the coenzyme. Since NAD bypasses both metabolic and digestive system, bodies absorb maximum effect and minimize waste.

Along with the treatment to get rid of addiction and alcoholism, NAD helps:

  • Prevent early aging
  • Improve brain health
  • Prevent depression
  • Boost energy levels
  • Reduces overall fatigue
  • Restore muscle function for athletic performance

Benefits of NAD IV therapy

Research that confirms the effect of NAD on our body is ongoing. But many studies have already sent out promising results about the benefits of IV therapy. Find out some of the prominent benefits below:

1.    Neurological functioning

As we age, our cognitive function becomes weaker. People face several age-related issues like slower concentration, dementia, memory issues, and more. NAD keeps the brain in the top condition, while the coenzyme restores brain functioning and boosts sirtuins. Sirtuins are proteins that work like anti-aging mechanism and slow the effect of neurodegenerative diseases and cognitive decline. With NAD, Sirtuins protect our body against toxins and enhances cell resistance to stress.

NAD IV treatment helps maintain mental clarity, focus, and neurodegenerative diseases for a healthy and happy quality of life.

2.    Recovery from addiction

NAD therapy is an alternative to medication-based solutions for people recovering from addiction. It avoids the side effects of medicines and helps a patient heal quicker.

NAD therapy detoxifies our body and replaces vitamins and nutrients that deplete in people who engage in drug abuse. The treatment also reduces withdrawal symptoms and binds opiate receptors that help people overcome cravings or risk of relapsing. Along with this, the coenzyme also protects our brain and improves overall recover.

3.    Metabolic function

Metabolism is the amount of energy that our body expends to keep us fit and functioning. As we age, the level of metabolism reduces, and that leads to weight gain and lowering of energy levels.

NAD therapy helps maintain a better level of metabolism, and that helps us maintain weight and energy. It is an essential part of our body’sredox reactions that help convert food into energy. NAD accepts and spreads electrons used in energy metabolism for the process of cellular respiration.

4.    Anti-aging

NAD helps in the aging process and regulate our circadian and metabolic cycles. It acts as a regulator for proteins. Changes in metabolism lead to the development of age-related pathologies. With the help of NAD, we regulate the Sir2p family, and that influences lifespan and fights early aging.

The process also protects our DNA that tends to damage with time, duplication error, or damage from free radicals.NAD regulates inflammation that damages our DNA with time. Additionally, NAD corrects existing damage.

Final thoughts

Addicted and aging individuals must consider NDA therapy for restoring their lifestyle and increasing expectancy. If you need NAD therapy, consult the experts in town right away!

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