Global warming and growing population across the globe have seriously affected the water resources. Pollution has added to it, and today one can find no water resource with good water quality. Even there are bore wells dug to have the underground water for the use which is indeed of not much help due to high pH level. There are ample areas where the water availability is in great shortage, and people have to use the water which is of low quality or full of impurities. In such a scenario, the technology comes to rescue the mankind in the form of various devices such as RO and water purifier.

The water purifier:

The water purifier is a device that is designed to clean the water by removing all the impurities. There are filters which can block the visible as well as minute impurities in their net which can make the clean water pass through and hence one can get the desired water even if the water sent was completely impure.

The normal purifier has got some components which include filters, pump and tap. It runs on electricity where the pump pulls the water from other source and pushes it to pass through the filter. Hence the water can be cleaned easily. The clean water can be availed in any vessel as per the requirement of the user. There are devices of purifier with storage as well as without them. The user can go for this device as per his need in terms of capacity, price and offline or the online option.

The RO:

Reverse Osmosis is a process where there is also an important role played by a membrane fixed inside the device. There are also filters and water pump just like the water purifier, but the biggest advantage here is the removal of bacteria from water which can lead to serious health issues. Hence the RO water purifier is considered as a better option compared to the simple purifier.

In the RO also one can find a huge range as per the price, type and size as well as the brand. Due to the demand in the market, there are ample brands in this field which produce RO and sales in the open market via own dealers, stores as well as online stores. For those who need it for a commercial purpose can also go for the RO plant which is suitable with the required quality as well as capacity. In RO also one can get the devices as per the capacity and cost. Hence those for whom the cost is an important factor can go for a locally made device also as the majority of them have got the same functions also.

Can one go for a local brand?

This is the biggest question that a buyer comes across while going for the shopping of this device. One can find the devices which are as good as the brands, but the cost has got a huge difference. The branded device is on a higher side of cost while the locally made device is available at a cost effective rate. As per the experts, the main reason to go for the branded device is their durability, quality and after-sales service which one can rarely get with the local maker. The brand has got a number of customers in the market and hence cannot deny the service which is not the case with a local maker. Hence it is better to go for the device offered by a brand only.

Which device should one go for?

As there are ample makers in the market, this question is very much legitimate. The confusion of the buyer is right as each maker has given some different features in its device. At such a juncture one needs to ask an expert and follow his guideline. To ease the process of purchase for a common buyer, the brands also have experts at their outlets which can help the buyer. The expert takes into account the budget, requirement for quality and capacity as well as type and suggests the best device available in the market for which the buyer can go for.

How to buy the best device?

While going for shopping of a water purifier or RO the biggest confusion for a common man is how to get the best device. Well, there is indeed nothing called the best device as every device is good, but the most important is the concerned device must meet the requirements of the buyer. Hence here one must know what he exactly wants from the device. The clean water is obvious the most provided answer, but there are different requirements for different people. Some of them have large families, and hence for them, it is necessary to go for a device with a storage facility. The capacity of the device must also be good, and it is better to have an RO rather than a purifier.

Cost of the device is another factor that one needs to consider. For RO one has to pay high price compared to that of a water purifier. In RO also one can find a huge range such as energy saver, with or without storage, branded and non-branded and in different capacities. The buyer who knows these parameters can get the best device that fits his needs.

The quality of water is one of the important aspects that one needs to check. The areas where one gets water with high pH it is necessary to go for an RO as water purifier cannot be of much help. In RO also one needs to go for a branded one in such case as the high amount of pH can spoil membrane and filters in a few days and hence a substandard device cannot offer the desired service. One also needs to check for the customer care support and technical support by the seller which can help him get the issues resolved quickly and enjoy the device for a longer term.

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