Cannabis flower is a species of flowering plants which belongs to the family of Cannabaceae. There are several species within the family which are often discussed, out of which the three recognized species are Cannabis sativa, cannabis indica, cannabis ruderalis. The genus is extensively originated from some parts of central Asia while some researchers also add south Asia in its origin.

Another name given to the plant is Hemp, which is a term used to refer to the different varieties used for cultivating Cannabis that is not related to drugs in any way. Cannabis has been traditionally used for hemp fiber, hemp oils, and seeds. Hemp leaves are often used as a vegetable and sometimes as a juice, medicinal uses, and recreational drug.

How does cannabis flowers change their color?

Cannabis flower shows its beauty in many forms, whether it is scent, consumption, or colors. Cannabis flowers often change their color from green to red, purple, yellow, and black.

The change of color is due to the difference in the climate. Production of chlorophyll is often high during spring and summer, which eventually decreases as autumn approaches.

The cannabis flower fell short of chlorophyll, which changes its color to red. Anthocyanins Chameleon produces the red color, yellow, or orange color by carotenoids.

The following colors of Cannabis flower are:


Red leaves and flowers appear very rarely. The cultivator can give reddish color to the cannabis plant by managing a phosphorous deficiency, but this can often result in spots on leaves which appears to be artificial.


Purple is a common variation to the green cannabis plant. The cultivator can add a large number of anthocyanins such as Blue mystic, northern light, and blue cheese to turn the leaves purple.

There are chances of purple colors more if the cannabis plants receive a temperature of less than 50-degree Fahrenheit.


Carotenoids pigments are liable for the red, yellow, and orange color in cannabis plants. The yellow color often shows up in alkaline and high ph conditions.

How are cannabis flowers different from others?

Marijuana, cannabis, and hemp are oldest crops which are sown for more than 12000 years and often assumed that these plants were domesticated over 30,000 years ago.

Marijuana, hemp, and cannabis plants produce more fuel, fiber, and medicine than any other plant.

The seeds of Cannabis flower produces the most nutritious vegetable oil and protein, hemp flower produces more fiber from its stems and stalks than the rest of the plants and can also be used to make paper, rope, canvas, lace, etc.

Cannabis flowers produce more than 100 different types of compounds known as cannabinoids that are well known for physical and psychological effects.

Cannabis flowers are often confused with hemp and marijuana. Cannabis sativa is a term that usually denotes cannabis, hemp, and marijuana.

The species which are known as Cannabis Indica are the different varieties of the same species, initially cultivated in India.

Cannabis Sativa grows in many regions of the United States, except the hottest and coldest areas are cannabis requires 50 Fahrenheit of temperature to rise. One can identify cannabis flowers or cannabis plants, keeping the following things in mind.

  • Try to recognize the cannabis seedling. The first leaves are called cotyledons and are oval. The leaves look opposite to the stems and have serrated edges and thinner shapes.
  • Study the stem of the cannabis plant, it appears to be hairy and fuzzy and leaks some substance which has a strong fragrance. The fragrance is a smell of raw cannabis.
  • Have a look at the cannabis leaves; the upper leaves grow in an alternating pattern which states that they originate from the lower part of the leafstalk. The cannabis flowers have up to 9 leaflets with sharp edges.
  • Cannabis plants have a delightful smell, especially cannabis leaves and flowers. The unique and robust fragrance can help to identify the cannabis flower. Other plants might look similar to cannabis plant but will lack the distinctive aroma.
  • Search for the bud or flowers on the cannabis plant; it produces either male or female flowers. Flowers on the cannabis plant originates from the same place where the leave generated. Male flowers only produce only one stem with a bud on it whereas the female produces a group of blooms.
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