Sober living is an excellent option for those looking to strengthen their sobriety once they complete drug treatment. In a sober living environment, you can put the life and coping skills to use in a supportive environment. While sober living is effective, you may feel uncertain and even uneasy.

If you have made the commitment to sober living, you no doubt have questions and doubts. While the apprehension is understandable, there are ways you can make the most out of your sober living experience. The first week of sober living is a crucial point in getting your bearings and making sober living productive and enjoyable.

The following article will show you what to do in the first week of living in a sober living house.

Tip #1: Get Used to Your Surrounding

The most important thing to do in your first week in a sober living facility is to get the proverbial lay of the land. Some things that will help the process are to introduce yourself to your roommate (if you have one) and those who live in the house. Also, take the time to introduce yourself to the staff at the facility. Additionally, get a feel for the house itself, its amenities and where things are located.

Tip #2: Work Your Program

As you are well aware of, the real work in recovery starts once treatment ends. During your first week in sober living, you need to be proactive in putting your individual recovery program into practice. Sober living is not a time to sit idle and simply bide your time. Many sober living facilities will perform regular evaluations in order to see if you are being active in furthering your recovery.

Tip #3: Practice Accountability

Throughout a stay in drug treatment, you’ve reminded time and time again about the principle of accountability. In its simplest definition, accountability means that you solely are taking responsibility for your own recovery. No matter the accomplishments or setbacks, your recovery is on your shoulders.

Therefore, it is important to practice accountability and responsibility while in sober living. To accomplish these goals, you must continue attending 12-step meetings on a regular basis. Also, you must attend house meetings that are scheduled by staff. If you slip or make mistakes while in sober living, you must come clean immediately and have a plan to get back on the path to recovery.

Tip #4: Utilize Resources

During your first week in sober living, it is important to know and have access to the resources and support systems that will help you strengthen your recovery. Your time in sober living is the perfect time to take full advantage of those resources. Whether you are looking for work, looking to further your education, or just trying to find resources to help improve your life, ask staff for help.

Tip #5: Ensure Your Safety

As stated before, sober living facilities have more freedom and less structure when compared to an intensive treatment program. However, it does not mean that the staff is lax as far as house rules and regulations. Reputable sober living facilities are secure and keep the safety of staff and residents first. If you spot housemates using drugs and/or alcohol on or off grounds, contact staff immediately. Reputable sober living houses have zero tolerance policies in regards to substance use while residing in the facility.

Additionally, you must also alert staff of any situation in which you or other residents may be in harm’s way. Whether it is a former resident who was removed from the premises, a drug dealer or other situation that threatens the well-being of residents and staff, staff must be notified right away.

Is Sober Living Right For You?

If you have just completed treatment or are looking for options to strengthen your sobriety, sober living is an attractive option. Finding the best sober living programs can be a frustrating process, and you may not know where to turn. It is important to thoroughly explore and research all options before making your decision. As with drug treatment, sober living is an investment of both time and money—and you must choose wisely.

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