Mornings are for coffee, afternoons are for tea and what’s better than the occasional glass of red wine with dinner? As much as you love life’s simple pleasures, they often come with a price: stained teeth.

Even if you brush and floss your teeth twice a day, many types of food and drink can cast a black cloud on the whitest of smiles. However, all hope is not lost!

You Are What You Eat

How many times did your mom tell you to eat fruit and vegetables? If you’re like most, probably more times than you can remember. But guess what? She was right all along. What you eat and drink can dramatically affect both your oral and overall physical health.

A healthy mouth starts with what you put into it. It’s okay to indulge once in a while but when done excessively, you may start to see it in your smile. To counteract teeth staining, there are things you can do, and it starts with listening to your mom!

Certain fruits can help make your smile a little brighter. Although they’re not as potent as professional dental whitening, these seven fruits are useful in a pinch.

Continue reading to learn seven fruits that can help whiten your teeth.


There’s no special way to use apples as a way to scrub your teeth. Simply chewing on them is enough. Apples contain a large amount of malic acid. Malic acid is a natural substance and is made by every living organism. It’s what gives fruits their sour taste. It also used as an additive in other foods. In addition, malic acid is also used in some brands of toothpaste.

The malic acid within apples increases the production of saliva, which helps clean the teeth and remove stains.


What’s not to love about pears? They’re crisp, sweet and low in far. In fact, pears are considered are a versatile fruit. To begin with, pears can counteract the bacteria that causes bad breath and stained teeth. Similar to apples, this fruit contains malic acid, which increases saliva production and helps minimize unwanted stains.


Who doesn’t love the taste of sweet pineapple? One bite and any cravings for sugary candy disappear. But pineapple does more than satisfy your sweet tooth. Pineapple is the one and only fruit that contains a substance known as bromelain. Bromelain is actually an enzyme that is found in the stems of pineapple, although it’s also found in the entire fruit. This particular enzyme is commonly used in medicine, which reduces inflammation. Not to mention, bromelain also has cleansing properties that help keep your mouth free of bacteria. In fact, a study done by the International Journal of Dental Hygiene has shown that bromelain is used in various kinds of toothpaste.


Oranges, as well as other types of citrus fruits, are extremely acidic. If you consume too much, it can cause significant damage to the enamel on your teeth. While the acid is indeed helpful when it comes to whitening your teeth, it’s also important to have strong enamel. Since oranges are packed with vitamin C, it’s perfectly fine to eat them as long as you do it in moderation.

If you’re not sure about your teeth’s enamel, you can always inquire at your next dental exam and cleaning. Your dentist can let you know which foods you need to consume more of and which you need to avoid.


A common misconception about raisins is that they are bad for your teeth due to the stickiness and sweetness. However, this is far from true. In fact, raisins can actually protect your teeth. Many studies have shown that cereals such as Raisin Bran can help clear youth of stain-causing bacteria. Chewing raisins can help stimulate saliva production, which prevents cavities, stains and plaque by counteracting the acidic environment that was created by other bacteria.


Bananas are one of those fruits that contain a ton of magnesium and potassium, which are essential when it comes to whitening teeth. However, the key to this natural teeth whitener isn’t to eat it, but rather rub the peel on your teeth. Rubbing the banana peel on your teeth for at least two minutes will allow it to absorb any minerals on your teeth.


Last, but not least, strawberries also contain malic acid, similar to apples and pears. However, unlike apples and pears, strawberries contain an abundance of ellagitannins and antioxidants. These substances are able to get rid of any bacteria that would cause stains to appear and inflame your mouth. Not to mention, strawberries also contain vitamin C, which can help prevent periodontal disease and inflammation of the gums.

As we mentioned before, these methods aren’t very powerful as professional treatments. However, eating these fruits along with a low-sugar diet is certainly a step in the right direction. Just remember to be mindful in how much fruit you consume, especially acidic ones.

Perfecting your smile isn’t always easy. But it’s definitely possible. With regular dental cleanings and treatment and a proper diet, you can create a smile dreams are made of. If you’d like to know more ways we can help you whiten your smile, contact us today at Family Dental Practise Morgan Street.

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