There are some very simple things that a person can do to make sure that they have good oral health.

The wonderful thing is that most of what you need to do to maintain good oral health is not expensive. Corrective work at the dentist, which repairs neglect or damage is the thing which starts to cost money.

1. Brush Your Teeth Properly

It is easy to let your routine fall out when you are busy, but the simple act of cleaning your teeth every day is going to contribute to a much better state of oral health.

One thing to check up on is whether or not you are actually cleaning your teeth properly. Are you over or under brushing? Are you actually cleaning all your teeth?

Part of the whole set up for good brushing is also going to depend on the brush that you have, There are different types of manual toothbrush, and there are some very affordable electric toothbrushes. Ask your dentist for a recommendation if you are not sure.

The final ingredient is your toothpaste. Some people recommend fluoride toothpaste, and some are dead set against it. The real litmus test is whether using it keeps your teeth clean – something you can judge when you get your regular check up.

2. Floss As Much As You Brush

Once you have started to brush regularly and properly, you need to make sure that you have flossing as part of your regime.

A lot of people have the idea that you only need to floss when you have something between your teeth that has gotten lodged there. What it really does is that it stimulates the gums and helps reduce plaque, which leads to lower inflammation.

What criteria is important for choosing your floss? Is it designed for sensitive gums? Is it natural? What flavor is it?

If you consider that a lot of people are not brushing their teeth correctly, then you can assume that a lot of people are not flossing correctly either. Your dentist should be able to easily explain to you what the best way to floss your teeth is – don’t be afraid to ask, they want you to have better oral health. There are also plenty of videos demonstrating the best way to do it as well.

3. Visit Your Dentist At Least Twice A Year

When you visit your dentist you can often be surprised by something that has been developing in your mouth that you didn’t realize was an issue. A common issue is wisdom teeth, which have to be removed for most people. Curious about the symptoms? Learn more.

Of course, your dentist is always there if you have a dental emergency, but getting a plan of action to carry you through the period between visits is essential.

By looking at your teeth your dentist is going to be able to assess whether there are things that you are doing incorrectly. Most dentists are going to have educational materials that demonstrate how to floss and brush correctly, and if you have other issues they are going to be able to make sure you handle them as you need to.


The best thing for each of these different tips is to get yourself educated on how to do them properly.

Your dentist will be happy that you are engaged in finding out how to better maintain your oral health.

None of the solutions are overly expensive, and they can help you save a lot of money in the future.

Being busy is no excuse for not having a good oral health routine as part of your life. It takes very little time, and may save you a lot of time later.

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