Looking up your health problems with Dr. Google? Not a good idea! 

We love to type our symptoms at Google tab to find out what’s wrong with us, and it’s not uncommon for Dr. Google to label us with a brain tumor for even mildest headaches.  

Should we stop going to the specialists and start trusting Dr. Google? Should we shut down all healthcare clinics and do what Google suggests to us? Not certainly though! 

Here are 5 reasons why you should seek a specialist rather than Googling up your symptoms and trusting its diagnosis!


You Might Understate Your Disease


Do you know that every time you sneeze, you become more susceptible to pneumonia? While Dr. Google might suggest that you just have a common cold, the bacteria in your body are quietly depleting all the oxygen in your lungs. So what would you do? Sit and relax that Google labeled you safe? Or go to an Ear, Nose and Throat doctor and get yourself treated? 


You Might Over Diagnose Yourself


If you are a big fan of depression and anxiety, then Dr. Google is your person! It loves to convert, even your minor symptoms, into a major disease and that even without a confirmatory test. Experts say that Google often exaggerates symptoms which often lead to stress and insomnia.     


You Might Treat Yourself With Wrong Drugs


It’s not uncommon for us to search an over the counter (OTC) drug for our symptoms online. Most of us self-treat ourselves with Ibuprofen or Tylenol for stomachaches without knowing that these drugs lead to stomach bleeding. Google certainly tells you about the drug, but not its adverse effects; especially when you have another medical condition. 


You Don’t Know How Reliable The Site Is


How do you trust a doctor? See his qualifications? Validate his years of experience, right? Then how could you trust any result that pops-up your screen? Most of the information you find online is written by an amateur writer who might not even have a medical degree. 


You Could Leak Your Personal Data


Do you read the privacy policy for every website you visit for your health? If no, then you are in grave digital danger. There are hundreds of malicious activities going on online and most of them are on the same platforms you use, like Twitter, Google, and Facebook. Thus any information you share might be leaked to third parties and you may become a victim of cybercrime. 

Bottom Line:

Google is not a solution to all our problems, especially when it comes to health! You might be thinking of saving a few bucks by not going to a specialist. But, self-treatment with Google advice could be dangerous. It can compromise your health, misdiagnose your condition and may even leak your very personal information to anonymous parties. Therefore, never play with your health! Book an appointment and seek professional help, no matter how little your symptoms are.