Invisalign is one of the best dental treatments for misaligned teeth. They offer many distinct advantages over metal braces, including better aesthetics, comfort, and less treatment duration among others.

Like any other dental procedure, you need to employ the services of dental experts with the right experience and expertise to get the most out of Invisalign treatments. The best Invisalign doctors are those that are ranked in the top 1%. By choosing this category of doctors, you can rest easy that your crooked teeth problem will be taken care of by the best hands in the industry.

But is experience the only factor to consider when searching for the best Invisalign doctor? Well, the short is No—there are several other factors that come into play, including:

1. Location 

Although you can find a couple of experienced dentists, you have to narrow your choices to dental practices that are near your home or place of work. Depending on the stage of your treatment and the complexity of your case, you’ll need to visit your Invisalign doctor every 2-8 weeks for around 6-8 months. Add this to commuting time and other logistical costs and you will see why location matters when it comes to choosing Invisalign provider.

2. Price and payment option 

Quality Invisalign treatments are not cheap, so you need to know the price that a dentist is charging as well as the payment plans that they are offering. The best provider should be one who is ready to offer you a payment plan that is easier on your wallet.

Is the first visit free? Good orthodontists offer free first examination for new or first-time patients so that they can give them professional advice about treatment options, requirements, and other details that are critical to the treatment process.

3. Specialization

It is important to find an Invisalign doctor who can treat patients of all ages. You don’t want to settle on a dentist who specializes only in children if you are an adult. Instead, partner with someone who is not only capable of but also regularly offers Invisalign treatments for all ages.  

4. Equipment and technology 

Some technologies make Invisalign treatment more smooth and streamlined, especially for the patient. For instance, digital dental x-rays can often be read immediately after they have been taken. The radiation dose for digital x-rays is also lower than the traditional film x-ray. What’s more, digital intraoral scanners not only takes 3D models and bites fast but are also much more comfortable and accurate than the traditional molds that are commonly used to fabricate Invisalign trays. According to Rejuvdentist, the technology the dentists use plays an important role in the quality of the service.

Gone are the days of messy impressions, so the best Invisalign doctors should use the most up-to-date technologies available to ensure that your experience is as smooth and comfortable as possible. 

4. Does he care for your health? 

Another critical factor to consider when searching for the right Invisalign doctor is to look for someone who genuinely cares for your overall health. Check whether they are too focused on selling their Invisalign services or if they are ready to customize their services to your needs. You can easily figure out all these by looking at the amount of time that they are willing to spare to discuss the best treatment options for your case.

Not only should a good dentist be ready to answer all the questions that you may have but he or she should be fully capable of giving you convincing answers to all the questions that you may have about their experience, treatment options, payment plans, how they will go about treating your case, their experience with patients who had similar cases, and more. In a nutshell, ensure that you feel like all your questions are being answered well, all your concerns are being addressed amicably, and that you are being well-educated about all the treatment options available to you.


You have several options when it comes to choosing the right Invisalign doctor. However, the experience should not be the only factor to consider if you are looking for a doctor who can get you the results that you desire. By using the above-highlighted factors, you should be able to properly identify a suitable Invisalign doctor who is likely to offer you the best treatment for your misaligned teeth.