Recently, men had been talking about a new treatment that would bring back what was lost among them, and some even called it a miracle, short of a panacea for all the things that seemed to ail men in our society. However, not much is known about this treatment, for those who have gotten it, they are very secretive about it for fear that many might discover it and become commonplace. To some degree, those who have gone through the treatment swore to its effectiveness and ability to bring back their youth, while also not wanting to share it with other men as it might increase the competition and demand for the treatment. Some called it the fountain of youth, that elusive quest for immortality and long-lasting youthfulness and that it is available today! Testosterone Replacement Therapy San Diego is the newest treatment for men who feels that their manhood has been lost. The treatment promises to bring back the youthfulness, the vigor and strength and the confidence to achieve their goals. This treatment has been considered by some as the answer to all that aging men complain about, and although it can be met with a certain amount of doubt, many of those who have gone through the treatment swear that it is real and its effects are astounding. 

What is Testosterone Replacement Therapy?

Testosterone replacement therapy is a health treatment that aims to correct lowered testosterone levels in men. The treatment is suited for men who have been diagnosed with low testosterone levels and not for those who would just like to have it or for those who still have healthy levels of testosterone in the body. Low testosterone levels had been associated with the loss of strength and vigor, even interest in sex, mood swings, and feelings of frustrations, anger and resentment and a general feeling of tiredness and disinterest in life. The treatment of which is hormone replacement, precisely testosterone. The treatment consists of the physical examination and blood tests of the patients to determine if they are good candidates for the testosterone replacement therapy, if everything is well, then the patient will be scheduled for the treatment at their convenience. The testosterone is delivered through a series of injections since, at present, there still is no pill or tablet for testosterone. There is also no downtime, the patient can come in for the treatment and in a matter of minutes can go back to their jobs or their homes after it. The patient, however, has to come back for the remaining shots and any other change in behavior or physical symptoms observed are reported to the doctor for close monitoring. But patients are told to resume their normal daily activities after the treatment. The patient again has to undergo lab tests to determine whether there are no adverse effects to the body, although generally there is very little possibility of occurring, this is still part of the treatment procedure and must be done to ensure the health of the patient. The effects of the treatment can last from three to six months, in which case, the patient can again opt to have the treatment hereafter. 

What is the Science Behind Testosterone Replacement Therapy? 

Testosterone replacement therapy is based on existing hormone replacement therapies that have been used by many women throughout the years. It has been proven to be an effective and safe way of keeping the hormone levels in the body normal when the body is no longer able to produce its own hormones due to an illness or damage to the gland producing the hormones. For example, women who have had their uterus and ovaries surgically removed due to tumors or cancer have been prescribed and treated with hormone replacement therapy, the most common of which are estrogen and progesterone. Another example would be when the thyroid is removed due to tumors or cysts and any other reason, the patient has to take thyroxin for life thereafter since the body cannot produce it on its own. Hormone replacement therapy is crucial for those whose body is no longer able to naturally produce the said hormone. Hormones play a vital role in the body, it regulates a number of normal bodily functions and without it, and the body would go crazy. For example, women who do not have enough estrogen in the body will have terrible mood swings and will be depressed on the account that their bodies no longer have female-like features or probably having facial hair. Thus, in terms of safety and efficacy, hormone replacement therapy has been around for a number of years and it has safely been used by hundreds or even thousands of patients. The science, therefore, is sound and there are strict measures that guarantee that it is not abused or used indiscriminately like steroids or performance enhancement drugs among men. 

Why Choose Testosterone Replacement Therapy San Diego?

Testosterone Replacement Therapy San Diego is one of the first and leading clinics that specialize in testosterone replacement therapy. It is a medical facility managed by certified and licensed physicians, specialists and nurses, they follow stringent protocols that have been vetted by clinical practitioners. It will discreetly schedule your first consultation, and also gives you the needed lab tests to check on your testosterone levels so you need not always be in the clinic. Also, the staff there will handle your condition with utmost respect and dignity, they will be there to assist you every step of the way so you would not feel frightened or anxious about the procedures. If you will be found to be a good candidate for the treatment, your physician will explain the process and treatment and will make sure to answer every question you may have. Then your schedule for the series of injections will be determined and the greatest thing is that this treatment is covered by your health insurance. Thus, if you are worried about the costs, then you should not need to. The procedure can be done in a couple of minutes and after the shot, you can actually go back to work or resume your normal activities. Thus, why wait for more people to discover the treatment, now is the time to visit the clinic!