With the world growing at such a fast pace, even the Millennial have to keep themselves up to date with the on-going trends and lifestyle. It is getting more and more difficult now to catch up with the youngsters especially when it comes to designing your own homes. In the minute you think of something new, they already come up with ten more better ideas. So, to help you get comfortable with these fast-paced changes Urban Ladder has come up with a way to make the whole process easier not only for the Millennial but also for the golden-agers. Especially in Bangalore for it is the heart of India’s automation industry and how the interior looks is a matter of priority.

Now one such thing that we all are addicted to is TV. No matter where we are, TV provides an escape to an alternate reality making us forget about our usual problems at least at that moment. It is also the very first thing that a person notices when they come to your house. So, whether you are rich or not or whether you need it or not, TV has become more like a basic need than a luxury. And where you display this important piece of commodity really means a lot, for people are quick to judge you on your choices.

TV units come in a variety of formats to accommodate your preferences and needs. Gone is the time when people used to have those vintage TV boxes which would take up a lot of space in your living room and make you feel as if your life is a black and white movie. Now the time has come for the slick and slim looking TVs which go on the walls saving you not only a lot of space but also bringing that extra ‘oomph’ effect to your living area. Urban Ladder has a got a range of choices of Wall Mounted TV Units https://www.urbanladder.com/wall-mounted-tv-unit for you to choose from.

The excellent thing about having a Wall Mounted TV Unit in your house is getting that excess storage capacity that otherwise would have gotten lost if you were to settle your TV elsewhere. Whether you are fond of showpieces or nor or if you just like to collect souvenirs from different places, the unit below the area is the right and the most ideal place to display all your crafts. You can even use the unit below to keep other appliances such as DVD players or your Wi-Fi routers and you don’t have to worry about all the wires being seen as they get hidden from the view behind the unit.

Also having a Wall Mounted TV Unit makes it much easier for you to clean your TV as well as the surrounding area. You don’t have to struggle to lift your TV up or to get your hands across the back of the TV to clean it. These units have a lot of benefits and uses which will make your next shopping trip much easier.

Should you have drawers or not in your TV units?

Having a drawer below the TV is completely dependent on you. If you are a movie or game lover and has got a collection of CDs’ then having a showcase instead of the drawer would look much better. And if you don’t have much to display than by having drawers you can use it to store all the little things and papers that often come in handy.

Is it better to have the TV mounted directly on the wall or on the unit on the wall?

If you are the sort of person who loves watching TV no matter what you are doing, having your TV mounted on the unit is a much better option because their swivel feature allows you to change the angle of the TV which honestly is a big comfort to everyone. We all love watching TV while reclining on a chair or just lazing around and with this feature; you wouldn’t have to strain your neck or eyes to see at the right angle for they bring the right angle to you.

Which colour would be best for your TV unit?

Too colourful units put you off as they are a stress to the eyes. So, TV units should usually be in the shades of colour of the wood that matches perfectly with your living room.


As you can see having a Wall Mounted TV Unit turns your modest-looking home into a stylish one in seconds with its chic features and properties and is a real delight to your eyes. So next time when you go looking for a piece of furniture to brighten up your house, you know buying Wall Mounted TV Units is the way to do it.

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