An indisputable fact is that most of the discomfort feelings and illnesses during menopause are associated with the cessation of the ovarian function: they cease to produce sex hormones, and the entire female body begins to “fail” from their lack. Therefore, the decision to introduce the missing elements from the outside seems to be completely logical – to help the body makeup for the disappearing hormones with the help of drugs. Therefore, it is called so – hormone replacement therapy for menopause. And in fact, HRT has a number of significant advantages, among which the most significant ones can be distinguished. Here, they are:

Benefits of hormone replacement therapy for menopause


The hormone treatment for menopause is called the “gold standard” to prevent and cure climacteric disorders. Numerous studies have proven that hormonal drugs quickly minimize hot flashes and improve mood, eliminate symptoms associated with impaired function of the genitourinary system. It was even noted that mortality among women using HRT is lower than among those who refused to use hormones as the treatment for menopause.

Ease of use

Sometimes HRT treatment for menopause is called “a lazy pill”. Indeed, the method is very easy to use – one small tablet per day and a woman feels great. Although, there are alternatives now: patches last for a whole week and subcutaneous implants have six months period of action.

Comprehensive action

HRT menopause affects not only the visible effects of the change – hot flashes, mood swings, disorders of the genitourinary system and so on. Studies show that hormone replacement therapy for menopause reduces the risk of myocardial infarction and stroke by a third. Correct hormone therapy – the best answer to the question “how to lose weight during menopause“?In addition, it is the prevention of diseases that occur during the postmenopausal period – osteoporosis, atherosclerosis, Alzheimer’s disease, etc.

A variety of drugs

Today, dozens of HRT treatment for menopause preparations are on the pharmaceutical market. This allows doctors to choose the therapy individually to each woman – taking into account the state of health, characteristics of the body, lifestyle and even personal wishes. True, it is worth noting that the potential positive effect of the drug depends on the professionalism of the doctor making the prescription.


Hormone treatment for menopause drugs can be found in any pharmacy. However, only a doctor can prescribe HRT preparations subsequently monitoring the well-being of the patient.

As you can see, HRT treatment for menopause has quite significant advantages, but there are also disadvantages.


A large number of contraindications

They include diseases of the veins, liver, kidneys, tumors, problems with the endocrine system. With caution, hormone treatment for menopause is prescribed to actively smoking women. A strict contraindication is a history of cancer intensity – moreover, both the diseases of the woman herself and her mother and grandmother are taken into account.

The presence of side effects

One of the most common side effects is vascular thrombosis. However, the greatest concern in both patients and doctors is the possible development of tumors. That is why, before prescribing hormone replacement therapy for menopause, all risks must be weighed.

The difficulty in selecting a drug and treatment regimen

There are many HRT drugs today. However, sometimes, one needs to change several treatment regimens in order to choose the most suitable one.

Limitation of time for safe use

According to recent studies, the safe life of HRT treatment for menopause is 5 years. In many women, menopausal disorders last much longer.

The need for ongoing medical supervision

Hormone replacement therapy for menopause is a potent remedy. It can only be prescribed by a specialist after a thorough examination. And during the entire period of use, a woman should also periodically come to see a doctor.

There is another argument against HRT menopause. Strictly speaking, it is not scientific, but also has the right to life. As has been already said, menopause is a natural period in the life of every woman, when the ovarian function fades. That is, nature itself provides that after a certain age hormones cease to be produced in the female body and this is a given that a woman needs to accept and learn to live with. Menopause is the period of elegant maturity and time to gain self-knowledge.