For thousands of years, the practice of yoga has been used to promote mental and physical wellness. If you don’t know a lot about yoga, you may wonder how doing stretching and strengthening poses can really help you, but that’s not all that yoga is about.

Yoga is a full body and mind exercise that helps to enrich and recenter your whole body and mind. It is because of this powerful result that many people across the country from Seattle to Boston are finding relief from serious issues in their lives like dealing with chronic pain

Dealing with constant pain can be physically and emotionally exhausting, making it close to impossible to have the strength to heal and recover from chronic pain. Talking to your doctor or a pain management specialist like the professionals at Seattle Pain Relief can help you come up with an effective plan to help you deal with your pain. Adding yoga to your regular routine can also have some great benefits to help you to cope.

Calm Your Mind

When you are in constant pain your state of mind is affected. Dealing with the stress of your discomfort can lead to increased pain, depression and anxiety. The meditative focus of yoga can help you to center your mind and learn to overcome the stress reaction that your body has to your chronic pain. 

Increase Flexibility

Chronic pain makes it incredibly difficult for many people to maintain their mobility. A sedentary lifestyle due to pain can ultimately make your discomfort worse. When you practice yoga you can help your body stay more limber, increase the range of movement in your joints and release tension that you are holding in your muscles. 

Feel The Endorphins

When you exercise, your body releases a natural boost of endorphins into your system. As you increase the levels of oxygen to your body, the endorphins coursing through your system can help to lift your mood and relieve much of your chronic pain.


Studies on the benefits of meditation continually show that there is a strong connection between the mind and the body. Yoga practice can teach you how to relieve stress, recenter your emotional self and learn how to cope with your chronic pain. 

Just a few minutes a day to relax your muscles and realign your thoughts to a more powerful and positive narrative can have a huge impact on your ability to manage your pain.

Enjoy Better Sleep

When you practice yoga you can enjoy better mobility, release muscle tension and calm your mind, which ultimately allows you to enjoy a better night’s sleep. Anyone that is dealing with the stress of chronic pain knows how difficult it is to get enough restful sleep so that your body can restore itself.


The practice of yoga can help you to reduce the level of chronic pain that you are dealing with and give you stronger coping abilities. Strengthen your body and mind by adding regular yoga practice to your routine to help you deal with your chronic pain.