Certain people just seem to have a magnetism about them that means people are instantly drawn to them and want to be around their presence, is that something you are born with or can you learn to develop a more charismatic personality?

There are all sorts of ways to improve your sense of self and ability to connect with others on a deeper level, and you could learn hypnosis, for example, to develop a greater level of self-control and wellbeing.

Here are some actions to take in order to build that aura that you can sometimes see in others.

Be a good listener

A common trait that you find in charismatic personalities is not just the fact that they often have something interesting to say but they are also good listeners.

You should aim to listen more to what people have to say and engage with them by using plenty of eye contact and positive physical gestures such as nodding and smiling.

Making that level of connection with someone by listening and paying attention to them will mean they reciprocate that level of respect and they will be much more inclined to listen carefully to what you have to say when you do respond.

Avoid distractions

It can be annoying and frustrating to try and talk to someone who is distracted and seems more interested in checking their phone than talking to you.

Resolve to give someone your full attention when speaking with them and it will instantly help to build your level of charismatic charm when they appreciate what a good and attentive listener you are.

Put your phone away and maintain plenty of eye contact throughout your interaction.

Giving is good

As the saying goes, it is better to give than to receive, and that’s a key pathway to developing a more charismatic personality.

Giving comes in many different forms but if you aim to give on the basis that you might never receive anything back, it could be a transformative experience.

It’s not about you

When you meet someone who appears to be full of their own self-importance it can be an instant turn-off.

People quickly become irritated and put up barriers when they encounter this sort of behavior.

If you want to develop an aura ditch any displays of self-importance.

Watch your words

We make decisions about others by the way they act and the words they say.

That is why you need to think carefully about your attitude and the words you choose.

Using language that is positive and enthusiastic tends to have a far better impact on the people around you and they are far more likely to gravitate toward you when you are perceived as being someone who is always seeking ways to improve and enhance situations.

The way you feel about yourself influences the people you meet, so make these positive changes and it will help you to develop a greater aura around you.