If you’re considering a career change and you’re interested in medicine, you may want to give some thought to becoming a nurse. There are several distinct advantages to joining an exciting field of work in which you can dedicate your entire workday to helping people. Here are some of the most outstanding benefits of pursuing a career in nursing.

You Don’t Have to Stay In School For Many Years

Becoming a nurse doesn’t require getting a costly four year degree or going to graduate school. Depending on the type of program that you choose, an educational path for nursing can be completed by attaining an associates degree. Your education will be affordable, and it will give you practical preparation for working in your chosen field.

Study a Fascinating Curriculum

The academics involved in studying nursing are a good fit for people who are passionate about learning new things. You can apply your natural abilities in math and science with a special focus on anatomy and biology.

Join a Growing Field

Nursing is a line of work that will never become obsolete and will always be in high demand. According to the American Nurses Association, there is currently a critical shortage of nurses throughout the United States. In the years ahead, this shortage will increase significantly.

Choose From Several Specialized Concentrations

Being a nurse can involve several different practice areas. While you’re in school, you can determine what type of nursing is most appealing to you. Nurses work with general practitioners, anesthesiologists, surgeons, and various specialists. They work in a variety of settings such as hospitals, outpatient clinics, pediatric treatment centers, residential facilities, insurance companies, and private institutions such as schools.

Earn a Competitive Salary

Becoming a nurse will enable you to earn an excellent living. According to the National Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual salary for nurses in the United States is approximately $77,000 and the median hourly wage is over $37 per hour.

Make a Difference to People Who Need Help

If you enjoy working directly with people, then nursing would be a good fit. Nurses play a vital role in helping people maintain their health and cope with acute emergencies. They provide both physical and emotional support, and they can offer critical care and much-needed comfort when many people need it most. For these reasons, nursing is one of the most fulfilling fields in which you can work with people one-on-one.

Work in a Fast Paced Environment

Being a nurse is going to give you the chance to work in a fast paced environment. Your work will be exciting and challenging but also tremendously rewarding.

Gain Valuable Skills Volunteer Skills

While nursing is in itself a form of public service, entering this profession will equip you with skills that can help you to give back to your community in many different ways. You can volunteer your services at outreach centers, senior centers, and a variety of nonprofit settings. You can also consider stepping outside of your community to volunteer in an area experiencing a health crisis or to provide assistance to underserved populations in other countries.

Participate in Professional Organizations

As a nurse, you’ll have the opportunity to join professional associations that will help you network with other people in your line of work. You’ll be able to learn about industry developments, continuing education programs, and also career opportunities.

Continue Learning Throughout the Course of Your Career

When you become a nurse, you can continue to learn new things about your profession as you continue working. There are continuous advancements in medicine that will improve the quality of care for patients. You can seek out ongoing educational courses to refine your skills and learn more about your field.

Explore Opportunities for Professional Advancement

The longer that you work as a nurse, the more you can work towards advancing your career. Taking on more responsibilities or assuming a supervisory role will enable you to administer a heightened degree of care to patients as you advance professionally.

Entering an in-demand field in which you can help people will be significantly gratifying both professionally and personally. Learn more about nursing programs near you that can help you prepare for an outstanding new career path.