Medical revalidation process was introduced in 2012 to ensure doctors and medical personnel are fit to practice and demonstrate their skills and capabilities.

Medical appraisals are also an important part of supporting improving how Doctors can improve what they are doing in the workplace.  It’s a process of facilitated self-review alongside a trained colleague, whereby it will delve into achievements, lessons learnt, writing a personal development plan with objectives.  The overall core aim is to help improve the quality of care for patients as well as the way the general medical council confirms the continuation of a Doctors licence to practice medicine.  It is undertaken by an approved and trained medical appraiser and can involve; detailing a scope, a confidential discussion and outputs from the discussions.  The MAG is a medical appraisal guide that can help doctors and medical personnel prepare for their annual appraisal and also give s a detailed framework for appraisal and revalidation process. The MAG guide has been thoroughly tested during an extensive programme and piloting.

On the whole, most Doctors are good doctors and are able to deliver excellent care, but the risks are ever increasing in a more complex medical care environment.  An approved Doctor appraisal and revalidation will reinforce the patients trust in the NHS system, the Doctors, nurses who carry out the important care given to millions of patients every year.

It provides an important framework that promotes self-reflection, and true verification against a core set of standards, so medical staff can keep delivering a high standard of care.

The GMC has been instrumental in rolling out medical revalidation and there is already positive evidence that annual appraisals are already working.

Medical revalidation applies to all licensed Doctors in the UK working in the National Health Service (NHS), the private sector and all branches of medicine.

Doctors are required to participate in a structured appraisal process and provide a portfolio of evidence that they meet the standards.  Medical revalidation occurs over a 5 year period and will need to revalidate once in the cycle.

It is free to revalidate but there are a number of medical appraisers that can help to ensure a smooth GMC revalidation process, save you time and help submit the revalidation forms.

Every doctor has a responsible officer designated to them who’s job it is to assess their work and report to the GMC on the doctors status.

What are the key Components of Medical Revalidation?

There are a number of key players to make the revalidation process work effectively.  These entities have been working in harmony for many years.

The department of health has aided with funding and makes sure the revalidation is affordable, as well as regulating the responsible officer’s role and duties.

The GMC helps provide guidance, legislating and overseeing the execution and delivery of revalidation throughout the UK.

The NHS support team helps with guidance and support network for responsible officers.