Diet is integral for maintaining perfect health, but exercise goes a long way in shaping your body and preparing it for the upcoming battles of aging. The time you spend in the gym keeps your body steadfast and fortifies it against any potential hazards in the future. According to a study by the University of Miami, maintaining a healthy body by the forties lowers stroke risk by 37 percent.

Here is a guide to help you manipulate your workout routine to make you look as young as you feel.

Pledge in Your Teens

The gym is your cocoon at a young age. Committing to a proper workout routine composes your body for the later years and lays a strong base for doing more strenuous, stress requiring exercises later. This age allows you to sprint, climb, do sports, learn martial arts, and weightlift all at once.

Teenagers are highly adaptable, a fact which makes this age most suitable for starting the workout. Younger people have time, will, and stamina to explore their physical skills. They have strong bones, fortified immunity, and are more vigilant of their surroundings hence less prone to injuries and have high catabolic and anabolic functionality. It makes them progress faster than at any other age.

Systemize in Your 30s

Unlike teenagers, life becomes more complicated by the 30s. Duties and obligations replace exploration and frivolity, meaning less time for yourself. Therefore this time is crucial to maintain the workout routine also, for making the workout process more beneficial, you can use CBD capsules for maintaining wellness and supporting healthy joints and muscles. Explore various exercises such as the low impact ski exercises and stay fit in less time. It’s a make-or-break point for your exercising plan. Being resilient and shaping it to fit your physical needs shall go a long way, but neglecting it in exchange for your daily duties and other engagements might make you regret later.

The muscle and bone mass are healthy, and the growth is at its peak in the twenties, but it retreats (sarcopenia – muscle loss, is a common effect) at the beginning of your thirties. According to a study, an average adult with an inactive lifestyle loses 50% of the muscle mass by the time he/she reaches 50. Keeping up with your workout routine can eliminate many undesirable by-products of aging.

Hit the Ground Running in Your Forties

This is the age to take exercise more seriously. If you’ve been dodging workout since your teens, this is the decade of your life to become consistent. As soon as you cross the forties, things get more challenging as injuries nag longer, muscle pain becomes a life-long companion, strenuous workouts drain the energy empty, and movement becomes more restricted. The joints become the Achilles heel, especially for those who begin to work out at this age. Thus, exploring new kinds of movements and incorporating massages into their workout routines might be ideal for people in their forties.

Step Up the Game in Your Fifties

You leave your active days behind you as soon as you hit 50. But that is not for everyone. If you have been religiously following your workout routine, you may still feel as fresh as a flower every day. However, there is no denying the fact that age brings with itself a set of restrictions. Following the old fitness routine might not help you as it previously had, thus adopting a more age-suitable workout plan shall keep you running. Believing that you are over the hill might lead you to hurt yourself. Ensure that you do not let the intensity levels fall at this age, or it can take a toll on your athletic abilities and make you more vulnerable to cardiovascular diseases. Keep an eye on any changes in the body post-workout, and if you need to take a day’s interval to drive out the fatigue, take it.

Advance in Your Sixties and Onwards

Temptations to dial back on workout are hard to resist post-50s; however, this is the time to reap the maximum benefits out of strenuous exercises. According to various studies, most age-related diseases such as pulmonary failure, hepatic illnesses, cardiovascular and carcinogenic diseases have shown tremendous improvement with exercise. For the inevitable aging side-effects such as stiff joints, the workout can improve mobility and the quality of life altogether.


A well-maintained body shall win you numerous battles; however, finding the perfect plan according to your age might prove to be a strenuous task. One can ignore it and move forward, but not adopting a compatible workout plan might get you in trouble instead of helping you shape your body.