The translation is currently expanding, whether in the medical and hospital environment or the pharmaceutical and medical fields. The specialization of healthcare techniques and the simultaneous launch of pharmaceutical drugs on international markets with increasing turnover generates a need for permanent translation. 

Medical document translation is highly required nowadays, and many medical clinics and scientific magazines are hiring many translators. A vast field like this one must have many challenges and obstacles for the translator to overcome. So what are the advantages of a specialized translation agency to translate your scientific and technical documents?

Translation agencies specializing in healthcare and the pharmaceutical industry offer various translation services and marketing, sales, and communication services. Whether in transcription, simultaneous translation, text revision, or even written translation, these agencies provide professional translators and experts in the medical field for a high-quality translation of written instructions, technical arguments, or even clinical trials. Thus, the recognized specialist agencies offer a quality translation, both in principle and form, in many language pairs. So the texts will be revised and proofread by a professional qualified in the medical and pharmaceutical sector for a perfect translation.

Sometimes, they also meet specific reference standards in terms of quality implemented. Regarding discretion, they often offer confidentiality agreements linked to professional secrecy, essential for research projects or translations intervening upstream of marketing authorization, for example.

The agency with some specialized translators in healthcare translation is committed to ensuring that medical and scientific terminology is correctly translated and respects the form that meets regulatory standards. Any mistake or mistranslated terms can be completely fatal.

In addition, the technical translator for your medical and pharmaceutical translation. What more than another translator?

Technical translators have experienced professionals, most of them graduates and with specialized training.

They are bilingual or translate into their mother tongue. They work freelance abroad or in their native country, or for an agency. Their medical translation methodology consists of ensuring both a translation of the text from the foreign language into the mother tongue or vice versa, in an exact and precise manner by adopting a style adapted to the context. They, therefore, have a dual competence: linguistic and technical. They are qualified and have vast knowledge in many medical fields, such as biotechnology, oncology, surgery, cosmetic medicine, medical imaging, laboratory analyzes, and more!

It is recommended to have a diploma from a translation school or a master’s in foreign languages ​​to exercise this profession. Having some knowledge of Latin is also an advantage as most medical terms find their root in the Latin language.

As this skill set is challenging to acquire, the “right profiles” are in great demand today, both by translation agencies and clients in the scientific and medical sectors. So make sure before choosing your translators!

A translation memory system assists the translation of your medical and technical documents. How does it work?

This system consists of both a translation carried out beforehand by a specialist translator and the source text’s recording. The advantage of this linguistic terminologies system lies in a reusable memory extension to translate other texts. It has the effect of saving time in translation, of course (therefore more competitive services on the client side!) But also, it ensures continuity in the terms used.

This operation is widely used to translate instructions for the use of a drug, websites, or even product catalogs. The initial format of the technical document to be translated must be in electronic form or a database.

The translation of your medicinal, pharmaceutical, and scientific documents by an online translator

It is also possible to translate your medical and technical documents through an online translator specializing in the medical field or through a translation database.

Instead, they offer a typical medical translation and not an in-depth study of the language.

This is the case of the MotaWord, which offers, on a single platform, the management of multilingual terms and definitions and the addition of proofreading after any translation. MotaWord combines artificial intelligence and its translators’ professionalism to provide quick, accurate, and medical translation work at a reasonable price. Whether it is the translation of a medical examination or the translation of a medical certificate, MotaWord’s specialist translators master the lexical and linguistic environment and translate with full knowledge of the facts. 

Keep in mind that health is a serious subject! So you have to entrust the translation of your medical documents to professionals in the sector.