As humans age, our bodies tend to break down somewhat. It’s not something most people like to think about, but that’s the reality. You’d like to hope you’ll reach your later years with everything still working like new, but you’ll probably have at least a few health issues with which you’ll have to contend.

Hearing loss is fairly common as you age. There are sometimes hereditary factors, but how you’ve lived your life matters as well.

Maybe you attended a lot of loud rock concerts and didn’t bother wearing earplugs. Perhaps you worked on a noisy factory floor for many years, and you didn’t protect your ears there either.

However the hearing loss occurred, some people are prideful, and they don’t want to admit that anything is wrong. They’d rather ignore the signs because they don’t want to get a hearing aid. Often, they don’t want to purchase one because they feel like wearing it will make them look or feel old.

There are a few hearing loss symptoms that you should never ignore, though. Let’s go over some of them right now.

Not Hearing the Alarm Clock

If you’re still working, you might get to the point where you can’t hear your alarm clock when it starts buzzing in the morning. That’s one of the symptoms of hearing loss that can potentially get you in a lot of trouble.

If you cohabitate with a spouse or partner, maybe they can shake you awake in the mornings if you can’t hear the alarm blaring in your ear. If they left for work already when the alarm goes off, you might lie in bed for another hour or more, never realizing you’re late.

Sleeping in is great, but your boss probably won’t like it so much when you’re missing in action. If you don’t look into getting a hearing aid, or some other solution, your pride could easily cause you to lose your job.

Not Hearing Traffic Noises

You also might get to the point where you can’t hear traffic noises. You might experience this issue when you’re driving or as a cyclist or pedestrian. That’s not just an inconvenience. It can be deadly.

If you can’t hear a car honking at you while you’re crossing the road against the light, you might not jump out of the way in time. If you’re driving and the light changes, you won’t hear the person honking behind you if the radio or a text message distracts you.

If you keep trying to drive when you can’t hear, or if you’re going to walk around a high-traffic area, you might get into an accident sooner rather than later.

Not Understanding Work Assignments

Maybe you work in an environment where your boss likes giving you verbal instructions. They might talk to you in a meeting about what your next project should be.

You can’t understand them, so you smile and nod, thinking you got the gist of what they said. In actuality, you might have completely misunderstood.

Your boss probably isn’t going to stand for much of that. When they find out you misheard their instructions and did something contrary to what they wanted, they’ll likely insist you get your hearing checked if you’re going to continue working there.

At-Home Conversation Difficulties

You might reach the point where you can’t understand your loved ones. You might need to look directly at them when they’re speaking to try and read their lips.

They probably will know what’s going on, and it might anger them if you’re not willing to get a hearing aid. They may want to tell you about their day or share some family news, and you’re barely able to understand them.

If you want to remain an active part of your family’s life, you’ll need to get a hearing aid or figure out some other solution. Otherwise, you’ll feel isolated and sad whenever you’re in the same room with everyone.

You Experience Straining Fatigue

One more reason to seek help is if you have to strain throughout the day to hear what people around you are saying. That’s exhausting.

You might have to concentrate as hard as you can when someone approaches you and starts talking. If you work in a position where you need to converse with people all day, that’s going to be next to impossible.

If you’re experiencing any of this, it’s time to lay your pride aside and speak to a doctor.