Medical equipment is needed almost everywhere to prevent injuries and save lives. It is recommended that every household should have some medical equipment to battle unforeseen circumstances. 

If you are looking for the same medical equipment that all homes should have, we have got you covered. Below is your complete guide for buying medical equipment. 

First Aid Kits  

No home should ever be without first aid kits as they prevent any injury from turning severe. First aid kits are usually helpful in treating everyday injuries such as cuts, grazes, muscle pain, etc. However, having a first aid kit around during major injuries and accidents can prevent blood loss. 

First aid kits are packed with all the elements that are needed to stabilize the patient. Therefore, every house should have a first aid kit. You can either make one for yourself or buy it.  A first aid kit will cost you somewhere between $10 and about $50. 


Humidifiers are an important part of keeping your home healthy. Humidifiers are used to maintain proper humidity inside your home. Improper levels of humidity can increase the spread of viruses and infections in your home.  

If a person sneezes in a high humidity area, the infection is likely to stay in the environment for a longer time. During the spread of Covid 19, a humidifier can be a crucial investment. A humidifier usually costs between $200 to $1,100. 

Medical-Grade Splint 

It is recommended that you keep a medical-grade splint around your home because they work effectively with broken bones. If anyone in your family encountered a sprain or a broken bone, you could use a medical-grade splint to relieve the pain. 

Moreover, it helps to stabilize the injury till you reach the hospital. A medical-grade splint is quite inexpensive and easy to use. 


An eyewash should be kept in every house to combat eye infections. It is often seen that people get dust or any other particles in their eyes; an eyewash helps in clearing the eyes of any such particles. Moreover, you can use an eyewash to relieve watery and red eyes. 

Eyewash acts as a quick fix you can use till you visit an optometrist. You can either get a portable eyewash or an eye washing station for your home. The price usually starts from $30. 

Saline and Vitamin B12 Drip 

A saline and vitamin B12 drip helps in treating diseases at home. Moreover, you should keep one around, especially if you have a senior citizen at home or someone sick. The drip helps in providing vitamins and antibiotics to the sick person. 


It also prepares the elderly for their medical treatment. You can easily buy a saline and vitamin B12 drip from your local medical store or online. 

Medical Thermometer 

A thermometer is one of the most basic pieces of medical equipment kept in houses. Thermometers determine your body temperature to make sure it isn’t too low or high. Since fever is one of the effects of covid, more and more people have started using a thermometer regularly. Moreover, a thermometer is inexpensive and costs somewhere between $5.50 to $20 or more. 

Emergency Blanket  

An emergency blanket helps anyone suffering from shock and hypothermia. It absorbs the shock and brings comfort to the person. Thus, you should keep an emergency blanket online. You can buy an emergency blanket at $15+. 


Apart from all the equipment listed above, it is essential that you go through proper medical and first aid training. A first aid training course will give you time to practice the basics of first aid. Like performing CPR on CPR Manikins as well as how to deal with blocked airways, people who have fallen and broken bones, and how to provide the right first aid for people who have fainted.