Medicalopedia Medical Writing Competition 2018

A medical article/essay writing competition is being held by our website for the year of 2018. Interested people can submit their articles on any topic related to medical, healthcare, medical technology including medical apps, student life can be accepted as long as it has linkage to healthcare aspects or medical advancement of human race. Articles that are about pharmaceuticals, nutrition, general training, nursing, health economics or public health are also acceptable.


Founded in October 2010 Medicalopedia is a medical news blog covering cool new websites, medical discoveries, new gadgets, medical apps, health tips, journal articles and reference articles.

Awards & Recognitions

The social media direct reach of Medicalopedia is approximately 10,000 and indirect reach is more than 500,000 viewers. The websites have approximately 100,000 page views per month. The winners will also be notified via an email and online announcement on website and social media website.

Citations given to Medicalopedia articles by international journals can be found here.

Submit your articles by email to [email protected].

General Rules:

  1. All posts will be scored on the basis of two parameters:
    • 60% of scores will be awarded by the judges.
    • 40% of scores awarded in the basis of promotion, reflected by the number of website hits, shares and likes.
  2. There is no submission or registration fee. It’s a free contest.
  3. All submissions must contain original material, and must not have been previously published, accepted for publication, or have been a winner in another contest prior to the submission deadline.
  4. We use commercial plagiarizing software. All plagiarized contributors will be rejected.  After screening by the editorial team the eligible posts will be put up on the website (all the articles will appear on the site within a window of 10 days).
  5. Eligibility of the post as decided by the Jury Board will be final and binding and cannot be challenged under any laws.
  6. Each person can send in multiple entries. Contest entries cannot be revised or altered once submitted.
  7. There is a word limit of 10,000 words.
  8. We request contributors to refrain from statements or critique on government policies without having substantiated by references from newspapers or peer reviewed journals.


We send cash prizes to the top 3 participants. The winner and the first two runners-up will get the cash prizes.

1st prize: USD 100

2nd prize: USD 65

3rd prize: USD 35

Top 10 entries are given a Certificate of Participation.


  • Medical and non-medical professionals along with students, are welcomed to participate however the articles should be related to medical or axillary fields and show impact on general health or international health of human race.
  • Citizen of any country/territory/occupied territory can participate. Winning amount will be sent either by PayPal or in the bank account of your choice.


Results will be announced 30 days after last date and minimum submission of 500 articles. If less than 500 articles are in the competition the date will be extended. 

Entries will be judged on the following criteria:

  • Originality
  • Quality of content
  • Organized, fluid writing style
  • Authenticity, strength and distinctness of words.
  • References for arguments given.

Terms & Conditions:

  1. All articles having outgoing links to business establishments, online buying websites or any commercial websites will be rejected from being accepted as contesting articles.
  2. Try to add at least five PubMed references in your articles for better chance of approval.
  3. Follow the website publishing guidelines when you write the article.
  4. Direct any queries about the contest to: [email protected]