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Snake Bites and their emergency treatment

 Snake venom contains many polypeptides including phospholipase, hyaluronidase and adenosine triphosphates.Clinical Manifestation:Determine whether bites are caused by a venomous or a non-venomous snake. Venomous...

Tension Pneumothorax Vs. Cardiac Tamponade

Tension pneumothorax and cardiac tamponade are mostly confused in emergency rooms even by skilled physicians sometimes, both of them are clinical diagnosis and patient...

Management of Limb Injuries

PrioritiesA, B, C (Airway, Breathing and Circulation) take precedence over limb injuries but polytrauma patients benefit from aggressive treatment of Limb or Pelvic Trauma.HistoryAsk About;Time...

Dengue Fever

Dengue hemorrhagic fever (DHF) is acute febrile diseases transmitted by mosquitoes, which occur in the tropics, can be life-threatening, and are caused by four...