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Acute intestinal obstruction

Primary Survey:Short HistoryPain (site, character, duration, severity), vomiting, distention, absolute constipation.Look for features of strangulation obstructionPhysical Examination:Check heart rate, blood pressure, temperature, respiratory rate,...

Ileostomy Formation and applying stoma bag

First of all anticipate the cases where we may have to make an ileostomy like typhoid perforation. Tuberculosis peritonitis and trauma patients.Pre-operative counseling of...

Pneumothorax and its management

Pneumothorax means "air" in the pleural space. Pathology 1. Chest Trauma2. Spontaneously occurs inChronic bronchitis. Emphysema. Bronchial asthma. Carcinoma. Lung AbscessClinical FeaturesSudden onset of unilateral pleuritic chest pain and increasing...

Mastitis and breast abscess

It is the inflammation of breast tissues.  Most commonly involved organism is Staph. aureus.  It mostly occurs in lactating mothers.  Infection from infant mouth...

Peripheral Vascular Trauma

Types of InjuriesPenetrating TraumaMechanasim Stab Wound Low velocity bullet woundsBlunt TraumaMechanasim Motor vehicle accidents Falls from HeightsThese injuries may or may not be associated with bony fractures...

Shock and its management

It is a clinical state characterized by hypotension, tachycardia, cold & clammy extremities and excessive sweating due to decreased perfusion at the cellular level. ...

Acute cholecystitis

It is an acute inflammation of the gallbladder.  Infection may be mild to moderate.  The condition usually resolves with conservative management, but may lead...

Differential Diagnosis of Inguinal Hernia

 Undescended testis The presence of a groin mass or underdeveloped hemiscrotum with absent testis on the affected side. Inguinal hernia is also associated with fully developed...