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Digital healthcare in Pakistan

Pakistan is challenged by a markedly disproportionate doctor-patient ratio — one of the main reasons why we have a troubled health sector. At the...

Plight of emergency medicine in Pakistan

Emergency healthcare in Pakistan has faced neglect to the point where the total number of trained emergency specialists could manage to reach only about 40 while...

Quackery in Pakistan – Why is it still a blatant practice?

There are some places which attach to themselves an atmosphere of unholiness and wrongdoing. One such place is the rural Pakistan where quackery has...

Top seven online pharmacies in Pakistan

Online pharmacies are not so common in western countries for prescription medications probably because they are very much regulated by federal governments. However, you...

A Review of PM&DC Guidelines for Continuing Medical Education

Medicine is an ever-changing field where new guidelines and protocols are released every few months. Now a days new discoveries  are increasing at ever-increasing...

PMDC derecognizes all medical institutes of China starting 2012

All Pakistani graduates current and future from China will have to take NEB regardless of their Universities' Recognition for getting RMPs starting this fiscal...

eSci Magazine Publishes Second Edition

eSci Magazine, a society having an aim of promoting science and research in almost every field of science embarks on a major milestone here...